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Oracle Files: Clark Kent (2/3)



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  • Clark Kent: I can help you with the situation in Corto Maltese, Barbara... as soon as I'm done here.
  • Oracle: Copy that. I'll tell Double Dubs and the Big Cheese that help is on its way. Oracle out.
  • Lois Lane: Hey Smallville, you ready or what?
  • Clark Kent: I'm coming. I'm coming. Alright, so, uh... Mr. Bug. You claim you're a hero now?
  • Ambush Bug: Not so much a hero. More like a plucky sidekick.
  • Clark Kent: I see... And whose sidekick exactly are you supposed to be?
  • Ambush Bug: Superman's, of course!
  • Clark Kent: And what does Superman have to say about this?
  • Ambush Bug: You tell me.
  • Clark Kent: How am I supposed to know what Superman thinks?
  • Ambush Bug: Uh... because you're Superman... d'uh... Seriously though, do these glasses really fool that many people?
  • Clark Kent: [nervous chuckle] I'm... I'm not Superman
  • Jimmy Olsen: [snort, chuckle] C.K. is Superman? Yeah, right. This Bug really is crazy, ain't he Lois? [click, camera shutter]
  • Lois Lane: Just take pictures, Jimmy... Look, Clark, why don't you go proofread that piece of mine on Corto Maltese. I'll finish up here.
  • Ambush Bug: Is something in her eye? Is that why she is winking like that?
  • Clark Kent: Uh, sure thing, Lois... Just one more more thing before I go, Ambush Bug. If you're serious about being a hero now-
  • Ambush Bug: Sidekick-
  • Clark Kent: Whatever. If you really want to be a hero, you need to make amends for your time as a criminal.
  • Ambush Bug: I did... Remember? I put all my money back... well, most of it. What else is there?
  • Clark Kent: Turn yourself into the Metropolis PD. Here, call Detective Sawyer and- [blipt] Uh, where did he go?
  • Lois Lane: Maybe he went to turn himself in.
  • Clark Kent: I doubt it.
  • Jimmy Olsen: I can't believe he thought you were Superman, C.K.! That's hilarious.
  • Lois Lane: Yeah, it's a real riot, Jimmy...

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