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  • Superman: Donna, what is this place?
  • Darkstar: Aeaea. A poor man's version of Themyscira... created by Circe in an attempt to make a Paradise Island for her own needs.
  • Green Arrow: What's with all the pigs? [numerous pigs squealing and grunting] Circe must really love bacon, huh?
  • Darkstar: You could say that... These are no doubt the subjects that have displeased her. She finds it funny to turn people into pigs
  • Green Arrow: [chuckle] Oh... Right. I forgot about her stint in London a few years back. I still owe Barry a drink fro taking a bullet for me. He saved m life.
  • Superman: That's an exaggeration. He only saved you from becoming a pig, Oliver.
  • Green Arrow: I don't think I could stomach eating bacon again if she had hit me, though... and if I can't eat bacon, I don't want to live.
  • Darkstar: Speaking from experience, i can assure you that bacon is a stronger compulsion than even Circe's magic.
  • Superman: Up there. I think that's her... [footsteps] Circe! By the authority of the Justice League and the power given by the United Nations, I hereby-
  • Circe: [yawn, otherworldly crackling, yell, pig squeal, rapid hoof steps, dastardly laughter] Ah, Donna... You have brought me new toys, I see.
  • Green Arrow: Hey, listen here, witch! You're going to tell us where we can find Wonder Woman and then you're going to transform Super-pig into Superman... and then I'm going to place these handcuffs on you... and... I'm going to ask you out... and... then... Wait, what's going on?! I suddenly feel drunk...
  • Darkstar: She's putting you under a seduction charm. stop thinking about sex for once in your life and she won't be able t-
  • Circe: [fingers snap, otherworldly crackling, pig squeal, dastardly laughter] I just needed to distract your boyfriends for a moment, Donna. Let's say you and I talk.
  • Darkstar: I have nothing to say to you, but if you want to tell me where my sister is... Feel free.
  • Circe: [Fine... be that way. I am shocked you didn't see her on your way in. That's going tot hurt her feelings. I mean, she still recognized you as a sow, after all. But then again, you always did look a little like a pig to begin with. [giggles] Didn't you? What was it that your sisters used to call you.
  • Darkstar: [mystical thrumming, rope unfurling, sword unsheathing] The angry on! [Amazonian battle cry, swish, crackling, clank, swish, swish, buzz, whack, gasp, swish, rope whirling, rapid footsteps, whack, rope clinching, gasp, wail, fizzle] What's wrong, Circe? Don't like magic being used against you? Now... about my sister?

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Circe.
  • Donna was a teenager for thousands of years and as such, endured teasing from her sisters for much longer than she cared to... much of it stemming from being turned into a pig. Now finally grown to a full woman, she is eager to prove she is not one to be cast aside as the annoying little sister.

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