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  • John Diggle: [elevator door opens, footsteps: 3 instances] Yeah, Lyla and I really appreciate you guys watching Sara for us. We needed a date.
  • Felicity Smoak: Not a problem. Right, Ray? We were happy to do it, John. Besides, I'm looking to seeing what Ollie did while we were-
  • Ray Palmer: Uh... Apparently he made a new friend?
  • Oliver Queen: Hey guys... Meet Officer Nichols.
  • John Diggle: [whisper enhancement:] Oliver... What's going on here? A cop in our, uh, lair?
  • Oliver Queen: Ask her yourself.
  • John Diggle: Yeah, ask the black man to talk to the cop... I see how you are.
  • Ciara Nichols: Oh, please... Look, I am here to help. I've known where you guys have been hiding for a while, but I've kept it to myself... waiting for when I was ready.
  • Ray Palmer: Ready for what?
  • Ciara Nichols: To join you, haircut.
  • Ray Palmer: [stifled laughter] Join us? We're not a country club.
  • Ciara Nichols: Yeah? Is that so professor? How come I see two billionaires and the only black guy is a hired help?
  • John Diggle: Yeah? Why is that, Ollie?
  • Oliver Queen: Uh... Look, what Ray what trying to say is that you need to have more skills than just being a cop. You need to be truly exceptional and while I'm impress-
  • Ciara Nichols: I have super-senses, okay? I'm like a walking talking forensics lab and due to my enhanced sense of balance and equilibrium, I'm also an excellent shot.
  • Ray Palmer: Well, as you so astutely pointed out, I'm a professor. I know a lab when I see it... even walking and talking ones... So, prove it.
  • Ciara Nichols: Okay, it's gonna be like that, huh? Fine... You two had pizza for dinner, pepperoni and mushrooms. He had steak, medium-rare and ate by candlelight.
  • Felicity Smoak: I'm impressed... but honestly, I could do the same trick with computers.
  • Ciara Nichols: You two were intimate... just an hour ago.
  • John Diggle: What the [expletive] Felicity?! In my house! With my kid home? You can't keep it in your pants for three hours... Oh, please don't tell me it was in my bed.
  • Ciara Nichols: As the professor has a piece of pepperoni in his hair and that she has pizza grease on the back of her skirt, I'm thinking it was on the dinner table.

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