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  • Abby Holland: Nice place you got here.
  • Chloe Sullivan: [chuckle, door closes, footsteps] Thanks... It's actually my fiancé's place.
  • Abby Holland: Ah, that explains the liquid nitrogen cooled computer set-up and the video game controllers.
  • Chloe Sullivan: [nervous chuckle] Well, actually... Those are mine.
  • Abby Holland: Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't take you for, uh-
  • Chloe Sullivan: Nerd? No, it's all cool. I'm totally a geek. Wait a minute... I thought you were psychic-
  • Abby Holland: I wasn't probing you... and now that I am, I doubt I would have much luck to begin with.
  • Chloe Sullivan: What do you mean?
  • Abby Holland: You asked me here because you felt like you were developing psychic powers?
  • Chloe Sullivan: Yes...
  • Abby Holland: Dear, you're not developing psychic powers-
  • Chloe Sullivan: [sigh] Whew, that's a relief... [nervous chuckle]
  • Abby Holland: Your powers are not developing, they're already developed. Considerably potent, too. Your aura is very strong.
  • Chloe Sullivan: Wait, what?!
  • Abby Holland: I'm sorry to tell you this. You've clearly been in denial for sometime, rationalized away your powers. I've seen it before.
  • Chloe Sullivan: [groan] [expletive]! Just great... Just [expletive] great! My mother claimed to be a psychic... I don't want to turn into her.
  • Abby Holland: You won't. I can help you. You can learn to live with these powers. Now, reading your aura, I see you're an empath?
  • Chloe Sullivan: [sigh] Yeah... I mean, I guess... That's what I self-diagnosed myself with. As far as I know, I can sense and even control others' emotions... All the good it did me. I couldn't even get my high school crush to fall in love with me. [chuckle]
  • Abby Holland: [chuckle] That's more common than you might think. Romance is never easy or normal for us psychics, let me tell you...

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  • Debut of Chloe Sullivan.

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