Catalina Flores 2

Oracle Files: Catalina Flores (2/2)



VOX Archive

  • Nightwing: Oracle. I'm sorry to call you on your cell, but you weren't answering your comms.
  • Barbara Gordon: Uh... yeah... because I'm... well, I'm on a date. Sorta. [chuckle] I guess.
  • Nightwing: Oh... I'm... I can call Sasha-
  • Barbara Gordon: Don't be silly, Dick. I'm here now. What do you need?
  • Nightwing: Your computer skills. Really, I can have one of the Pennies or maybe Operator hel-
  • Barbara Gordon: Shut up before you really piss me off. Just tell me what's up, Grayson...
  • Nightwing: I need a location on a drug deal that's going down somewhere in Mealtide tonight. Thought maybe you can check out chatter?
  • Barbara Gordon: Yeah. Not an issue at all. I have that relayed to my phone. I'll text you if I find anything.
  • Nightwing: Great. Thanks. [hand muffling microphone] [enhancement:] We might have to wait for some results. Oracle will find it, though.
  • Tarantula: [enhancement:] So... we have some time to kill, ah? Sounds good to me... [footsteps, lip smacking] Does that sound good to you, too? [giggle, moist lip smack]
  • Nightwing: [enhancement:] [nervous chuckle, throat clearing, hand removed from microphone] Oracle, I'll have to call you back. [zipper unzipping] I mean, great! We'll uh, talk- [armored fabric falling to floor, nervous chuckle] We'll talk when you decide to, uh, sex- text! me back. [throat clearing] Text me back.
  • Barbara Gordon: Uh... What is going on?
  • Tarantula: Don't act shy, Dick... You've seen me this way before. Don't you remember?
  • Barbara Gordon: Richard John Grayson... Who was that? Are you with someone?
  • Nightwing: Uh... No one! Sorry, gotta go! City to save and all that!
  • Barbara Gordon: Please don't tell me you're about to do some rooftop lovin'- [call ended] because that's just so... Hello? [scoff] Dick Grayson, I am so over you now.

Trivia and Notes

  • This VOX Box is meant to state that E27 Catalina Flores is not a rapist like her comic book counterpart.
  • Dick got in a relationship with Catalina after Starfire left Earth to go to her home world to help free it.

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