Cassandra Cain 2

Oracle Files: Cassandra Cain (2/3)



VOX Archive

  • Robin: I don't like this, Brown.
  • Batgirl: Oh, is tough "widdle" Damian afraid of the dark? Does you need your night-light?
  • Robin: You can turn off the snark, woman, I've seen you flee from the sight of a spider.
  • Batgirl: One time! Whatever... Well, if it's not the dark, what is bothering you?
  • Robin: It smells funny here.
  • Batgirl: Well, it is a locker room. It's not meant to have an alluring scent.
  • Robin: But it's a girls locker room... This may scar me for life... thanks to you.
  • Batgirl: [sarcastic gasp] Oh no! I'm so sorry, Damian. I had no idea that the knowledge that women perspire and soil their workout clothes the same as boys would have such a devastating effect on your development. How can you ever forgive me?
  • Robin: You could shut up, for starters. We should focus on finding the suspect's locker.
  • Batgirl: Why do that when it's so much funnier to torment you? [laughter]
  • Robin: Doing one will lead us to the arms dealer on campus, and the other will result in you being found crammed into one of these lockers tomorrow morning...
  • Batgirl: You make a compelling case... Here catch! [wet slap, laughter]
  • Robin: That's my face. What is it? [gagging] Why is it so... moist? [retching] Oh, the smell... [vomiting]

Trivia and Notes

  • According to Roy: This one is somewhat weird as it doesn't feature the person who is named in the title. Old VOX Boxes didn't always feature the character whose Oracle File it appeared in.

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