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Oracle Files: Cassandra Cain (1/3)



VOX Archive

  • Robin: I have to say, I'm a bit shocked by how dark you made your new suit.
  • Batgirl: ... uh... Why does that surprise you?
  • Robin: Well, I guess not everyone can be a legit ninja in red, yellow, and green.
  • Batgirl: Ah, yes, Grayson told me why you dress like a clown.
  • Robin: Clown? Wait- No no, no, no, Robin is not a cl-
  • Batgirl: Yes, Grayson told me he designed the suit to honor his circus roots.
  • Robin: No, no, no! Dick was an acrobat... and, [sigh] yes, he based the Robin suit off hi old performance costume, but... [sigh] Look, just know that I am Robin now and I'm not a clown, okay?
  • Batgirl: Then why are you always telling jokes?
  • Robin: I'm not always telling jokes.
  • Batgirl: Yes. You are.
  • Robin: Tell me one joke I said in the last twenty-four hours...
  • Batgirl: You called yourself a "legit ninja".
  • Robin: I am a legit ninja! I use a bo staff, smokebombs, shuriken... How much more ninja can I be?
  • Batgirl: Legit ninjas know when they have lost their mask...
  • Robin: What? Oh no... Hey, wait... Give it back!

Trivia and Notes

  • Alfred is labeled as Eagle, it was his old radio call-sign.

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