Carter Hall 3

Oracle Files: Carter Hall (3/3)



VOX Archive

  • Black Manta: [alarm blaring, rapid footsteps, wind rush] Hold on, Hot Breath. It'd be rude to leave now... We have company.
  • Bizarro: Huh? Where company at?
  • Hawkman: Up here, Bizarro. [wind rush, feet impacting ground: 2 instances, telekinetic thrum] What you got there? Stolen jewelry?
  • Aquaman: And here I thought smash-and-grabs were a bit pedestrian for the Legion of Doom. Wait... did Vandal ground you two from allowance?
  • Black Manta: I could ask the same thing of the Justice League. Can't you guys afford shirts anymore?
  • Aquaman: Manhunter, did Manta try to diss Super Shirtless Saturday?
  • Martian Manhunter: I believe that is the case.
  • Aquaman: Hawkman, what's the punishment for such an offense?
  • Hawkman: A royal beatdown.
  • Martian Manhunter: Wait a minute. That is not just random jewelry. That is the Heart of Darkn-
  • Bizarro: Too much talking! Bizarro wants to crush them! [growl, wind rush, clatter] You mine, Martian! [wind rush, super breath, pained shouts]
  • Black Manta: Fine. [energy weapon powering up, energy blast, body knocked through wall, debris shifting] So much for that beatdown, eh, Orin.
  • Hawkman: [wind rush, Nth metal striking reinforced Promethium, stumbling footsteps] Oh, Aquaman ain't the only Leaguer serving that today.
  • Black Manta: [debris shifting, footsteps] Oh, but I was promised a royal one... [knife pulled from sheath] I don't want to be disappointed.
  • Hawkman: [scoff] Good thing I was a Pharaoh then. [chuckle] Will that work for you?
  • Black Manta: Close enough I suppose. Fine... Let's do this. I've got enough to clip your wings. [footsteps, slash, wind rush, Nth metal thrum]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Bizarro.
  • Another instance of the Super Shirtless Saturdays! Now featuring a shirtless Martian Manhunter too.
  • The piece of jewelry that the Legion of Doom were stealing is the Heart of Darkness, a black diamond that stores Eclipso's essence.

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