Carol Ferris 2

Oracle Files: Carol Ferris (2/2)



VOX Archive

  • Ice: He did not!
  • Vixen: Oh, he did, girl. I remember. I mean, I wasn't League back then but John told me all about it.
  • Jessica Cruz: See, this is why I'm afraid of relationships.
  • Ice: Men can be such pigs.
  • Vixen: Mm-hmm... Tell me about it.
  • Ice: And Hal must be one of the biggest of these swine.
  • Jessica Cruz: Agreed.
  • Star Sapphire: Well, that whole Jillian debacle was only the tip of the iceberg, girls. Do you know he once tried to get Huntress and Blackhawk drunk with grappa and then tried to score a threesome out of it?
  • Vixen: Has he no shame?
  • Jessica Cruz: Wait, what?!
  • Star Sapphire: Oh, they didn't go for it... but that didn't stop him from telling people they did.
  • Ice: It's true. Green Arrow told me and Fire all about it.
  • Vixen: Seriously, no shame...
  • Ice: This makes me sick.
  • Vixen: Why do you even put up with him, then?
  • Jessica Cruz: That's a good point. Why?
  • Star Sapphire: Well, because he's cute... and I'm not perfect either. I mean, our relationship has always been complic-
  • Hal Jordan: Can we stop airing our dirty laundry in front of your gal-pals? Or, at least do it behind my back when I'm not tempted to crash this bird into the side of a mountain just to put an end to this conversation?!

Trivia and Notes

  • Carol seeing Hal and Jillian Pearlman together is what triggered her possession by the Predator and her transformation into Star Sapphire.

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