Oracle Files: Carol Ferris (1/2)



  • Ferris Estate, Coast City, CA
  • November 25th 2008, 0557 PST

VOX Archive

  • Hal Jordan: [clatter, bump, pained hiss] What the hell was that? [metallic clatter]
  • Carol Ferris: Hal? [light switch click] What the hell are you doing in my bedroom? It's like three in the morning!
  • Hal Jordan: [scoff] You redecorated...
  • Carol Ferris: Aren't you supposed to be in space?
  • Hal Jordan: The mission was a bust, babe.
  • Carol Ferris: So, you're back? Like, back back?
  • Hal Jordan: Captain Jordan reporting for duty, Major.
  • Carol Ferris: [scoff] At ease... [sheets rustling] So you're leaving me in suspense? come here! [hand slapping mattress, giggle] I want to know all the details...
  • Hal Jordan: [footsteps] Yeah, okay, so- [hand slapping leather,] Oh [expletive]! Oh no!
  • Carol Ferris: What's the matter?
  • Hal Jordan: Something fell out of my pocket... Must've happened when I stubbed my toe.
  • Carol Ferris: I'll help you look for it. [sheets rustling, footsteps]
  • Hal Jordan: No! I mean... No... It's okay. I can find it.
  • Carol Ferris: [scoff] Don't be silly. I can help you find it. What's it look- Hal, is that it?
  • Hal Jordan: [sigh] Here, let me... [floorboard creaking] Carol Ferris...
  • Carol Ferris: Hal, what are you do- Oh my gawd... oh my gawd... oh my gawd! This is it, isn't it?
  • Hal Jordan: Shh... Let me do this... I practiced this so many times and it's already- [throat clears] Carol Ferris, something about the vast emptiness of space helped me realize just how much of a void my life is without you in it. So, I'm on one knee asking you to be my co-pilot in life.
  • Carol Ferris: [giggle] Oh, Hal... You know I will! [moist lip smack] Interesting looking ring, though, ain't it? Not what I pictured...
  • Hal Jordan: It's one of a kind, babe. It's a space ring... It's like mine, except it's an inert relic. Only ring I find and it's busted, go figure. Still, it's kinda pretty.
  • Carol Ferris: No... It's perfect. [moist lip smack]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Carol Ferris.
  • Hal proposes to Carol with a Star Sapphire ring.

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