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  • Ronin: [footsteps: 2 instances] Am I even allowed to be here? I mean, isn't this like a no-muggle zone.
  • Adamantae: [scoff] Please... That'd be racist. [footsteps: 2 instances] Homo magi are far too open-minded to be bothered by such matters as your pathetic magic potential.
  • Ronin: Thanks... So... Uh, this is a bar, right? [footsteps: 2 instances] Do I order something or-
  • Adamantae: First business, then drinks. Come... He's over here. [footsteps: 2 instances] Felix...
  • Felix Faust: Ah, Candy... You look as enchanting as ever. [cheek kiss, cheek kiss, chuckle] Who is this man and why is he glaring at me? Is he your bodyguard?
  • Adamantae: Well, he definitely does have an eye on my body... Relax, Ronin. I'll be fine... So, Felix, I need a talisman.
  • Felix Faust: What talisman do you need? I have many kinds and I can get my hands on many more that that.
  • Adamantae: Inhibitor, one with psychic nullification.
  • Felix Faust: [hiss through teeth] That I cannot do... at least if you want one up to my usual standards.
  • Adamantae: Why not?
  • Felix Faust: Someone's been buying the components up like crazy. Almost like someone out there is shielding something big from psychic intrusion.
  • Adamantae: [sigh] Okay, so what are my alternatives?
  • Felix Faust: You can go see Midnite... but that'll be blood magic and I know you detest that.
  • Adamantae: Hmm... Okay, well, thanks anyway.
  • Ronin: What, that's it? Seriously? You know he's lying right? Don't believe, cast a spell or something.
  • Adamantae: No magic can be cast against another here. It's the rules... Besides, Felix is a piece of scum but he would't lie to me... Wait, why do you think he's lying?
  • Ronin: Micro-expressions on his face give it away... What? You have your tricks, I have mine... Advanced cognitive perception routines in my brain, courtesy of the serum.
  • Felix Faust: [chuckle] Fine... Fine... So, maybe I know where one is... I had been saving the info for a friend, but if you are willing to pay more... then you'll be my new friends. [chuckle]

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