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  • Joseph Kane: [door closes, blind closing] Uh... can I help you? [footsteps, papers sliding on desktop] Hello?
  • Candice Yacoub: Hello, Dr. Kane. The name's Candice Yacoub. I represent Cale-Anderson Medical. [hands shaking] May I be frank with you?
  • Joseph Kane: Judging by how you just strolled in my office and took charge. [chuckle] I'm not sure I could stop you.
  • Candice Yacoub: [brief courtesy laugh] Quite. Now, I'm not going to insult your intelligence. I know that you are Wayne's chief medical adviser, especially when it comes to medical technology. You're like me, you are a person who lives in two worlds. As physician and an inventor. Surely, you saw the potential of the nanites. So... tell me, why did Wayne reject it?
  • Joseph Kane: Well... Uh... Well... Hmm... [clears throat] Wait, you said you're with Cale-Anderson? [chuckle] Can you tell me why you care? I mean, us backing out helped your company land the contract.
  • Candice Yacoub: So, why did you advise Wayne to pull out of the meeting? [tongue click] Doc, I'm up here.
  • Joseph Kane: Well, you'd have to ask h- Wait, no... I wasn't looking at your-
  • Candice Yacoub: Why not? You don't like them?
  • Joseph Kane: No, it's not that. They're good-
  • Candice Yacoub: So you were looking. [light chuckle] Well, thanks but can we remain professional for now, doc? [tongue click] You can let your eyes wander when you take me to dinner tonight.
  • Joseph Kane: I'm taking you out to dinner tonight?
  • Candice Yacoub: [light giggle] Well, aren't you bold? Sure! I'll clear my schedule. Iceberg Lounge, at eight?
  • Joseph Kane: Uh... Okay. Sure. Wait, what just happened? What was I saying?
  • Candice Yacoub: You were telling me why you and Wayne decided not to pursue the Observation Medical Assessment Constructs-
  • Agent Diana Prince: [door opens] Sorry to interrupt, doctor. I'm Agent Prince. I need to speak with Bruce Wayne... Now!

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