Cameron Scott 2

Oracle Files: Cameron Scott (2/2)



VOX Archive

  • Heat Wave: [alarm, crystallizing, frozen metal exploding, chuckle, rapid footsteps: 2 instances] Oh, yeah! Fresh air, Lenny!
  • Captain Cold: [alarm, rapid footsteps: 2 instances] Let's not celebrate until we're at least out of earshot of the bank alarms.
  • Heat Wave: [alarm, rapid footsteps: 2 instances] Always there to kill my buzz, ain't ya, Lenny?
  • Captain Cold: [alarm, rapid footsteps: 2 instances] What can I say? The expression is "let cooler heads prevail" for a reason, Mick.
  • Heat Wave: [alarm, rapid footsteps: 2 instances, footsteps stopping] Wait, where's the getaway car?!
  • Captain Cold: Let me use the radio... [beep] Lisa, wherever you are, stop flirting and get your ass over to the pickup zone.
  • Captain Atom: Sorry to disappoint you, Snart. Your sister can't come to the radio right now. I'm intercepting your signal.
  • Heat Wave: Is that Flash? You said he was out of town-
  • Captain Cold: Not Flash, Mick... Looks like he called a babysitter.
  • Captain Atom: If I'm the babysitter, then i guess that makes you two the babies, huh?
  • Heat Wave: How'd he hear that? We weren't transmitting...
  • Captain Atom: Because I'm right above you two... [gravitational distortion, footsteps, quantum crackle, triggers clicking] Oh, don't bother trying to shoot me. I drained your weapons' power cells about two seconds after you burst through that door back there. So... Leonard Snart... Mick Rory... You're under ar-
  • Captain Cold: Captain Cold and Heat Wave.
  • Captain Atom: Excuse me?
  • Captain Cold: If you're going to be filling in for Flash, then you can at least call us by our criminal monikers.
  • Heat Wave: Yeah, come on, Haircut. Let's be professional about this.
  • Captain Atom: [sigh] Fine. Heat Wave and Cold, I'm bringing you-
  • Captain Cold: That's Captain Cold. Come on, say it... I know you know h- [whack] Ow!
  • Captain Atom: I'm not disgracing the title of captain. Now, Ror- [whack, bones cracking, pained shout] You punched me? You know my skin is covered in metal, right?

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Heat Wave
  • Captain Cold's sister, The Top, is mentioned but does not appear.
  • Heat Wave calling Captain Atom "Haircut" is a reference to DC's Legends of Tomorrow where that is Mick Rory's nickname for The Atom.

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