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  • Cameron Scott: [door opens, footsteps, keys dropping on counter top, sigh, door closes]
  • Michael Jon Carter: About time you got home. Long day, Cam?
  • Cameron Scott: Carter... What are you doing in my home?
  • Ted Kord: [footsteps, slurp] Heya Cam... We need to talk.
  • Cameron Scott: Of course you're here, too, Kord. You two boys are always joined at the hip.
  • Sonia Sato: [footsteps: 2 instances] They're not alone.
  • Eve Eden: [nervous chuckle] Hey there, Cap. You're looking good.
  • Cameron Scott: What's going on? Was there an E.J. reunion party that I agreed to host like a decade ago and forgot about?
  • Michael Jon Carter: We're here about Vic.
  • Cameron Scott: Sage? It's not the anniversary of his death, is it? I thought that was in the Spring.
  • Sonia Sato: Did Rodor not call you?
  • Cameron Scott: No... I mean... [nervous chuckle] He tried, but I didn't answer. I got tired of his crackpot conspiracy theories years ago. Why?
  • Eve Eden: Someone killed him.
  • Michael Jon Carter: [sigh] Can you believe it? [expletive] [expletive] killed one of us and got away with it for years. Played us like [expletive] fools!
  • Cameron Scott: Hold on there, Booster. Calm down. The Question died from lung cancer. He was sick for damn near a full year. We all saw him.
  • Sonia Sato: He was poisoned.
  • Ted Kord: Apparently... Tot said it isn't conclusive, but they're investigating a number of leads and can use some help.
  • Cameron Scott: Okay, well... [sigh, grumble] [expletive]! Okay... Okay... Who killed him? Do we know that yet?
  • Eve Eden: Not yet, but we will... That's why we're here, Cap. We need your help. We're putting the band back together.

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