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  • Ronnie Raymond: [whisper:] I know we're teammates and all, but I just don't like him dating my sister.
  • Caitlin Snow: Oh please... [whisper:] Now you're protective of her? Since when did this new development start? I've always known you two to be insanely competitive and constantly pulling pranks on each other and always trying to one up each other...
  • Ronnie Raymond: No we don't! [sigh] [whisper:] I just don't like them showing up here like this. It's invasive. I expect that from Ray. He sneaks into places all the time. He has no concept for personal privacy. But that;s not like my sister. I blame him.
  • Caitlin Snow: [whisper:] Your sister is a world-class computer hacker, Ronnie. Invasion of privacy is her job description, literally...
  • Ronnie Raymond: Why am I talking to you? Stein is a lot less snarky when he's pointing out the logical errors in my use of language...
  • Felicity Smoak: You two okay over there, Ronnie? Great, then get over here and stop being so damn anti-social...
  • Caitlin Snow: [footsteps: 2 instances] Sorry about that. Totally my fault. So, what brings you two to Central City.
  • Cisco Ramon: [office chair casters rolling] You need some help with the suit?!
  • Ray Palmer: Uh... No. Thanks, Cisco. But the suit is fine.
  • Cisco Ramon: Do you want to collaborate on some awesome shrink ray or something?
  • Ray Palmer: [nervous chuckle] I really appreciate the offer, Cisco... but, no, that is not why we're here.. The fact is... Well, Felicity-
  • Felicity Smoak: [blurted out] We're engaged! [giggle] We just had to tell you in person, Ronnie... [silence: 4.3 seconds] Ronnie?
  • Ronnie Raymond: [scoff] Oh, yeah... Cool. Congratulations... Actually, your timing is great, because, uh, well... Cait and I are engaged too!
  • [unison:] Cisco Ramon: [unison] You are? Caitlin Snow: We are?
  • Ronnie Raymond: [nervous chuckle, footsteps,chuckle, sigh] Yeah... Cait and I... We're getting married, too. Isn't that right, Cait?
  • Caitlin Snow: Uh... Right... Right! [nervous chuckle, moist lip smack] Surprise! We're engaged! [nervous chuckle]
  • Felicity Smoak: Oh... Huh... Great! [awkward silence: 8.2 seconds] Oh my god! Caitlin, we're going to be sisters! [elated squeal]
  • Caitlin Snow: [feigned chuckle, weak squeal] Oh, joy... [whisper:] You owe me a damn big diamond on my ring, Hothead...

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow.

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