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VOX Archive

  • Jenny Lee: Your intel better be good, Shades. Paid good money... A month's worth of what Oscura gives me, in fact.
  • Tiresias: She's there.
  • Jenny Lee: I don't know... I don't feel her. In fact, this whole thing feels mighty off to me. Doesn't sit well in the gut, you know?
  • Tiresias: Then use your head to weight your decisions [sigh] Of course you don't sense anything. [cane tapping on concrete] It's an ARGUS black-site. They have psionic dampeners and shielding in place. Also, your sister's likely been collared.
  • Jenny Lee: Fine... then how do you think we should o this?
  • Tiresias: We? There is no we... You and any friends you care to round up can use sewers below.
  • Jenny Lee: The sewers? Seriously?
  • Tiresias: I have it on good authority they did not fortify the floor. If you care me to draw up a more detailed plan, we should renegotiate my price.
  • Jenny Lee: [scoff] No. I'll figure it out. Thanks, Shades... Whoa, hold up there. Who's this now?
  • Tiresias: [footsteps] Not any associate of mine, I can assure you.
  • Buddy MacCulloch: Guid day thaur... th' name's Buddy an' Ah was mindin' mah ain business in th' park when Ah overheard ye tois talk-
  • Tiresias: Park?! There isn't a park for three blocks?!
  • Buddy MacCulloch: Yeah... an' as Ah was sayin', Ah couldn't help but notice ye tois talkin' as thocht ye waur up tae nae guid.
  • Tiresias: I am done here. Take care of this, cowgirl, and I'll deduct twenty-five percent off the next payment. [footsteps]
  • Jenny Lee: No kidding? [chuckle] Consider it done. [revolver unholstered, gunshot] Whoa, what the- Where'd he go?!
  • Buddy MacCulloch: Ah's behind ye! [feral growl, whack, thud, pained hiss, scrambling footsteps, rapid footsteps, feral roar]

Trivia and Notes

  • Part of the Artifacts Storyline.
  • Jenny Lee is looking for her sister Billie Lee, after she was captured in ObMod: Road Trip 3.
  • Debut of Buddy.
  • First and last appearance of Tiresias.
  • Last appearance of Jenny Lee.

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