Bruce Wayne 4

Oracle Files: Bruce Wayne (4/4)



VOX Archive

  • Batman: Oracle... I was about to head to the Watchtower. Alfred said you're having an issue with Jason?
  • Oracle: An issue with Jason is forgetting his Big Belly Onion rings... We're having a full-blown crisis.
  • Batman: What's the matter? Did he disable his comms again?
  • Oracle: He's Jason... So that's yes with a capital Y. Last update I got was that he had Tetch and was en route to Arkham.
  • Batman: Hack his comms. Remotely switch them back on.
  • Oracle: Who do you think you're talking to, Bruce? I'm at 71% of a forced reboot protocol as we speak.
  • Batman: Good. How's Tim doing with Dr. Langstrom?
  • Oracle: That one's a bit trickier. I can't get a lock on his exact location. I can tell he's somewhere in the lower west side.
  • Batman: Thanks for the update, Barbara. I know you'll figure this out. I have faith in you.
  • Oracle: So, what do you want me to do about Jason?
  • Batman: Tell him to get Tetch back to Arkham with all his body parts, this time. We don't need a repeat of Killer Croc last week.
  • Oracle: Uh... you want me to tell Jason what to do?
  • Batman: Ask him nicely. If you say it came from you, he might listen to reason. If you say it came from me-
  • Oracle: Yeah... Good point, he'd probably knee-cap Tetch out of spite. [Alert: Signal Distortion: Asset - Batman. Alert cleared] Wait a minute... Bruce?! Did you just mute your comms there to mask your laughter?
  • Batman: You're funny, Barbara.
  • Oracle: So you admit that I made you laugh?
  • Batman: I meant you must be joking if you think Batman laughs. [3 seconds of silence, quiet chuckle]

Trivia and Notes

  • This is part of and extended series of Bruce Wayne's Oracle Files. The original VOX can be found in E27VOXA: The Todd Dilemma.

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