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  • Selina Wayne: [elevator door opens, footsteps] Oh, look what the bat dragged in... [giggle]
  • Bruce Wayne: Selina... Where is she?
  • Selina Wayne: [chuckle] She's in the kitchen. Dick figured she'd be hungry so she's drinking our mustard. [giggle] Did you know Tamaraneans like drinking mustard? Because I didn't and it's weirder than you think.
  • Bruce Wayne: [footsteps] I need to speak with her.
  • Selina Wayne: Oh, and you will- But why don't we stop and take a moment there, big guy. Huh? Okay?
  • Bruce Wayne: What are you doing?
  • Selina Wayne: You got a plan for how to handle this, right?
  • Bruce Wayne: Of course, I do.
  • Selina Wayne: Okay... Run it by me.
  • Bruce Wayne: What- What are you doing?
  • Selina Wayne: Run. It. By. Me.
  • Bruce Wayne: [sigh] Selina... I don't have time for this. [footsteps]
  • Selina Wayne: [footsteps, scoff] I'm your wife, mister. You make time. Okay?
  • Bruce Wayne: [sigh] I need proof. You realize she's the second secret family member to come from outer space this month? This is very suspicious. Don't look at me like that. Even you have to think this is odd.
  • Selina Wayne: [scoff, chuckle] Oh, I do... Believe me. I'm wondering what kind of weirdness I married into... but this is my family, Bruce. This girl can be my... my... Huh, I don't know what she'd be to me-
  • Bruce Wayne: Granddaughter?
  • Selina Wayne: Uh-oh... No, I'm no one's grandmother. [chuckle] But my point is she's likely something to me. You know? She's family, Bruce. We don't go pricking family and testing their blood...
  • Bruce Wayne: Maybe not in your family-
  • Selina Wayne: This is my family now. Look, do what you have to do... but you don't have to do that right now, right?
  • Bruce Wayne: [sigh] No...
  • Selina Wayne: And no interrogations, right? Right?
  • Bruce Wayne: [long sigh] Fine... I'll be perfectly well-behaved. Can I go see my granddaughter now?
  • Selina Wayne: Of course... Right this way. [footsteps: 2 instances] Look who I found.
  • Dick Grayson: [throat clears] Oh, hey... Mary, this is- This is my dad. Bruce Wayne.
  • Mar'i Grayson: [gasp, rapid footsteps] Grandfather! Oh, my heart swells to finally meet you! [embrace, groan]
  • Selina Wayne: [chuckle] Oh, yeah... He loves hugs. Just give him a big squeeze there, Mary.
  • Bruce Wayne: [sigh, groan] Oh, okay... That's good... [breathless groan] [strained:] Wow, she's strong...
  • Barbara Gordon: Oh yes... [phone shutter click, giggle] That's totally going onto the Network photo hub.

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