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  • Bizarro: Lois... Bizarro got Lois gift... Here gift. Lois take gift.
  • Lois Lane: Oh... yes... Uh... Thank you... for the trash.
  • Bizarro: These stories... Lois wrote. Lois writes good stories.
  • Lois Lane: Yeah? [chuckles] I used to think that, too... Now I need to reconsider my prose...
  • Bizarro: [laughter] Bizarro like Lois' pose. Lois look good to Bizarro. Bizarro like Lois.
  • Lois Lane: Not pose, prose... Actually, you know what? Nevermind, Bizarro. Thanks, for the wad of paper.
  • Bizarro: Lois welcome! Bizarro glad Lois like Bizarro's g- Huh? Lois hear that?
  • Lois Lane: No, Lois didn't hear anyth- [gasp]
  • Bizarro: Again, Bizarro hears it. [sniffle] Smell nothing, but... Bizarro hear little heartbeat... in Lois' belly.
  • Lois Lane: It's nothing, Bizarro... Trust Lois. It's just... indigestion?
  • Bizarro: No... Bizarro hears little heart. Lois infecuated?
  • Lois Lane: No! Lois is not infected, Bizarro. Lois is fine. Lois is- [rush of air] Hey!
  • Bizarro: Look! Lois is fat! Los' belly big! Bizarro cut out infecuated! Bizarro save Lois!
  • Lois Lane: No! Bizarro let go of Lois n- [rush of air, whack]
  • Superboy: You heard the lady, ugly! Hands off!
  • Supergirl: Ugly? Really? Well, he is genetically-speaking your twin brother, Kon. So, yeah... Ugly works!
  • Power Girl: Cir-El... don't start that up again. For all we know, Bizarro here is your real daddy.
  • Supergirl: Hey!
  • Bizarro: Uh... [debris clattering, grunt] Stupid Kryptonians! Leave! [roar] Bizarro love Lois!

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