Oracle Files Billy Hayes 1

Oracle Files: Billy Hayes (1/2)



  • Hayes Residence, St. Roch, LA
  • June 9th 2012, 0027 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Greta Hayes: [distant door opens, distant footsteps, distant door closes] [muffled:] Hello?
  • "Billy Hayes": Shh... [muffled gasp, struggling] Shh... [muffled gasp, struggling]
  • Greta Hayes: [distant footsteps] [muffled:] Mom?
  • "Billy Hayes": [muffled scream, struggling, sigh] It must die... [muffled gasp, struggling]
  • Billy Hayes: No...
  • "Billy Hayes": Yes! Do it! Before it hears! Quickly! It will feel no pain.
  • Billy Hayes: [muffled gasp, struggling, deep breath, sigh] Sorry, mom... [neck snaps, thud, gasp, frantic footsteps, panicking breathing] What have I-
  • Greta Hayes: [distant footsteps] [muffled:] Mom, you in bed? Don't bother getting up... I know I probably scared you but... I'm just worried about Billy...
  • "Billy Hayes": [gasp] [harsh whisper:] Quiet! [hands slapping mouth, mumbling]
  • Greta Hayes: [muffled:] I'm sorry. mom... I know you probably want to talk about it but... [sigh, sniff, sniff, cough] [muffled:] I need a bath. We'll talk in the morning, okay? i love you, mom. [distant footsteps, distant door opens, distant footsteps, distant door closes, silence: 11.7 seconds, distant water running]
  • "Billy Hayes": [distant water running] It is in pain... billy should give it mercy.
  • Billy Hayes: [distant water running] No! Not her! Not Greta! I refuse!
  • "Billy Hayes": [distant water running] Billy cannot refuse. This is Billy's purpose!
  • Billy Hayes: [distant water running] [whimper] Not Greta!
  • "Billy Hayes": [distant water running] It cannot reach its true self until Billy does what is needed. [sigh, deep breath, footsteps, door opens, distant water running, footsteps, door opens] What is Billy doing? The bathroom is the other way? [footsteps, sniff, clatter, distant faucet squeak] Ah, a poetic end. Yes. This is the instrument of its demise. Go Forth, Billy. End its pain. Set things right. [slow footsteps, deep breaths, door opens quietly, clatter, water sloshing, click]
  • Music: [melodic piano keys] [recorder sung:] Sister Christian, oh, the time has come, and you know that you're the only one to say OK. Where you going? What you looking for? You know those boys don't want to play no more with you, it's true... [rock music]
  • Greta Hayes: [water sloshing, gasp, water sloshing] Billy?! [rock music]
  • Billy Hayes: [strained] I'm sorry. [splash, electric crackle, rock music, pained scream, splashing, screaming]
  • Music: [distorted:] You're motoring! [splashing, electric sparks, screaming, angry shout, mirror shattering]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Billy Hayes.
  • Story takes places at the same time as Oracle Files: Regina Hayden 1, where it's revealed who is the voice in Billy's head.
  • The song is Sister Christian by Night Ranger.

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