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  • Pedro Peña: [eldritch crackle, footsteps: 4 instances, crutched footsteps] H-hello? Tawny?
  • Billy Batson: Tawny! You here?! Tawny?! Come on out here, man! This is serious!
  • Mary Bromfield: Hello? Tawny? Darla? Anyone?!
  • Freddy Freeman: I don't think anyone's hone...
  • Billy Batson: Hey! Tawny! Answer me! You there?
  • Mary Bromfield: I don't know, Billy... is it possible that-
  • Eugene Choi: Whoever took Darla also nabbed Tawny?
  • Billy Batson: [scoff] No... No way! No one's stupid enough to mess with the Marvels!
  • Freddy Freeman: Huh, I thought the "Wisdom of Zehuti" would firmly plant Black Adam in the non-stupid column of rogues.
  • Billy Batson: Yeah? Well, if he did take Darla and Tawny then he is stupid! And I'm gonna beat his stupid face into next year!
  • Eugene Choi: As doubtful as I am to possibility of such a feat. I have to admit I would love to watch you attempt such an experiment, Billy... but... I suspect he's our culprit.
  • Pedro Peña: Why do you say that, Gene?
  • Eugene Choi: Behold!
  • Freddy Freeman: An empty slab of stone! Ooh...
  • Mary Bromfield: Stop it, Freddy... That's-
  • Billy Batson: The Seven Deadly Sins. Or... at least where they should be! They're gone!
  • Eugene Choi: Mm-hmm... And you know what that means?
  • Pedro Peña: No. Not really, no.
  • Billy Batson: It means that the world is in trouble. [footsteps] Historama, where is Trigon?
  • Freddy Freeman: [eldritch energies shaping] Trigon's too powerful to get an exact bead on him.
  • Mary Bromfield: Yes, but look... It's showing us Earth! Trigon's on Earth! This... this isn't good!
  • Billy Batson: No... It's not. [footsteps, clatter] Come on. Let's go. We got to get to the Tower and warn Raven... if it's not too late. [footsteps: 4 instances, crutched footsteps]

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