Barbara Gordon 4

Oracle Files: Barbara Gordon (4/4)



VOX Archive

  • Black Canary: [sonic screams filter activated] That enough for you, Freeze? Huh? Oh... I knocked him out... How about that.
  • Huntress: Great! Love to hear it, Canary! Would you care to come help me with Scarecrow then? Oh, wait... Oh no! Not Scarecrow! It's Clayface! Run!
  • Oracle: Alright, girls... That's it... I'm calling in some help. Let me see who is nearby... [keys clacking] I just pinged the cell phones and... Huh.
  • Black Canary: Good "huh" or bad "huh", Oracle?
  • Oracle: Says Nightwing is here... at the Clocktower, but the rooftop sensors aren't picking up the activity... [doorbell] What alarm was that?
  • Huntress: Sounded like a doorbell to me. Hiya! [scuffle, whack, whack, splash, crossbow firing, gas hissing, explosion, growl] How's that backup coming?
  • Black Canary: I'm on my way, Huntress. Be there... in... uh... Oracle, how far am I from here?
  • Oracle: Hold on girls... I think it's Dick at my door. B.R.B.
  • [Assets: Black Canary, Huntress set to MUTE. Alert Local VOX Detection]
  • Barbara Gordon: [door opens] Grayson... What brings you to darken my doorway this... uh... morning?
  • Dick Grayson: Oh... Hey, Babs... [nervous laughter] I... Uh... Sorry to distract you... I used to have keys to this place, but can't seem to remember which one.
  • Barbara Gordon: I had the locks changed... years ago, actually.
  • Dick Grayson: Seriously? Okay, I'm sorry... Has it really been that long since I visited you here in the Clocktower?
  • Barbara Gordon: Uninvited? Yes. Sure has... So... Uh... Why're you here? Not that I mind or anything... I'm just curious.
  • Dick Grayson: [sigh] Kori and I had an argument and... well... we're on a break, have been for a while and... I'm just feeling... lost. I needed a friend.
  • Barbara Gordon: Richard Grayson... I'm touched and all, it's just that-
  • Dick Grayson: Oh, yeah! Sorry, of course, you're Oracle! You're busy... I get it. I just wanted to talk... We can do this later.
  • Barbara Gordon: Uh... Well... Actually, it's a quiet night! Yeah, seriously... Come on in... Nothing going on at all. [nervous laughter]

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