Barbara Gordon 3

Oracle Files: Barbara Gordon (3/4)



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  • Batgirl: [wind rushes, gasp] Sweet Earth! How I've missed you!
  • Supergirl: Aw, what's the matter, Batsie? Cap'n go too fast for you?
  • Batgirl: [scoff] I don't mind going fast. I fly a jet that can out pace you both... I just like to be buckled in, not cradled by a weirdo I just met!
  • Captain Marvel: Hey!
  • Batgirl: No offense, Captain.
  • Supergirl: Yeah, she is right... you are kind of weird. So what's your deal? You an alien? You fly about as fast as my cousin. He's an alien.
  • Captain Marvel: No, ma'am. I'm an American.
  • Batgirl: Why is he posing like that?
  • Supergirl: Maybe he thinks that's what us heroes do?
  • Batgirl: Okay, so, Kara... Where're these gunrunners?
  • Captain Marvel: I'll go scout out the area! Be back in a jiffy! [wind rushes]
  • Batgirl: Wait... That's really annoying when people just disappear like that, you know?
  • Supergirl: You're one to talk! Wait, did you hear that?
  • Nyssa al Ghul: [excited laughter] Oh, look at this, David! A pair of baby capes have come to visit us!
  • Supergirl: Where the hell did they come from? How'd they get so close without me hear-
  • Batgirl: They're ninjas, Supergirl. It's what they do... So, Nyssa, your dad has you running guns now, does he? Or is this a side gig?
  • Nyssa al Ghul: Guns? How pedestrian. Lucrative, yes... but I'm not in this for money, Batgirl. You should know that. Here, let me give you a sample of our product. [crystalline rock landing and rolling on concrete floor]
  • Batgirl: Kryptonite?!
  • Supergirl: Ugh.
  • David Cain: [rapid footsteps, trigger safety disengaged] That's close enough. We don't want you getting any bright ideas, sunshine. [moaning, pained whimpering] Back up or I shoo-
  • Captain Marvel: STRENGTH OF HERCULES! [wind rushes, slam, brick wall crumbling, body skipping across concrete, metallic object landing on concrete] Hey, girls, I found a bad guy!
  • Nyssa al Ghul: Who the [expletive] are you? Another Kryptonian?
  • Captain Marvel: Aw, c'mon! Seriously? Captain Marvel! The World's Mightiest Mortal!
  • Batgirl: Stop posing already!
  • Nyssa al Ghul: Never heard of you... but I got to admit. I do like the sound of that "mortal" part. [wicked laugh, sword unsheathing]

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