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  • Abaddon: [footsteps] Ah, you decided to show. Excelente!
  • Batman: You didn't leave me much choice. [heavy breathing] Release the officers. This is between you and me.
  • Abaddon: Very well. Men, release detectives Bard and Bullock.
  • Batman: Captain Gordon, too. [heavy breathing] Get him down from the light...
  • Abaddon: Not so fast, Batman. [footsteps] The captain will remain exactly where he is, exactly where that clown strapped the Boy Wonder. I mean, this is a momentous occasion. [footsteps] We need a witness to what is about to occur here!
  • Batman: [heavy breathing] And what is that?
  • Abaddon: Come on now, do not jest... You're a smart man. Aren't you? [silence: 4 seconds] Why, your defeat... [chuckle] What else did you expect?
  • Batman: That's not going to happen, Abaddon. [heavy breathing] I am going to take you down, just like I did your men downstairs. [heavy breathing] Just like I have with every single prisoner you released from Arkham and Blackgate. [heavy breathing]
  • Abaddon: Are you certain of that? [chuckle] Look at you, Batman... You're out of breath. You're sweating. You're exhausted. You're worn out. [footsteps] Are you still feeling the effect's of Lilith's poison? You are, aren't you? [chuckle]
  • Batman: [heavy breathing] No... I made an... antidote... [heavy breathing] for that...
  • Abaddon: No, you did not. You made an antidote to the obvious, fast-acting poison but she also poisoned you with another... A more, subtle one.
  • Batman: Bane of the Demon... [heavy breathing] That's it, isn't it? You... [heavy breathing] You've turned my adrenaline into... [cough] a poison. [gag, vomit]
  • Abaddon: Excelente! I see someone paid attention in their training. Now, allow me to give you a new lesson... [drug pump activated] One in humility! [whack, blood spatter, whack, stomp, bone breaking, moaning, whack, chuckle, whack, whack, whack, whack, bone breaking, smash, whack, thud] This cannot be the big, bad Bat that I have trained years to fight! [punch caught, fingers breaking, pained shout, chuckle] This is pathetic! [whack, bone shattering, thud]

Trivia and Notes

  • This conversation refers to the Breaking of the Bat, after which Dick Grayson had to take on the mantle of Batman.
  • This takes places during the Cataclysm.

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