Oracle Files Aya

Oracle Files: Aya



  • Watchtower, Earth's Orbit
  • August 15th 2017, 0303 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • John Stewart: [footsteps: 2 instances] Aya? What are you doing here?
  • Aya: Ah, John Stewart. Pleasure to see you. I am here with Kilowog.
  • John Stewart: Kilowog's here too? Where's he at?
  • Aya: He went searching for some sustenance with Hal Jordan, but I believe they have been sidetracked. That was seven hours ago.
  • Mari McCabe: [scoff] So they ditched you?
  • Aya: In a manner, I suppose; but I do not feel insulted as I do not believe that was their intent. I have found other ways to spend my time. For instance, this conversation we are having now is nice. I have been meaning to catch up with you, John Stewart; and of course, I have been eager to congratulate you, Mari McCabe, on your continued romantic involvement and nuptial engagement to Sector 2814's Senior Lantern.
  • Mari McCabe: [chuckle] Thanks, Aya. Is this really the first we've spoke since the engagement?
  • Aya: According to my memory logs... I could run a diagnostic to be cert-
  • Mari McCabe: [chuckle] No. It's fine, Aya. I trust your memory much more than my own.
  • John Stewart: Are you and Razer still a... you know?
  • Aya: If you are asking if we are still engaged in a romantic relationship, then my answer is affirmative.
  • John Stewart: Good. I always thought you were a good influence on him. You smooth out those rough edges of his.
  • Mari McCabe: I'm telling, John. Women are artists. Without us, you men are just rocks in need of sculpting.
  • John Stewart: [chuckle] Notes, boss.
  • Aya: Huh... Interesting...
  • Mari McCabe: What? Something the matter, Aya?
  • Aya: No. Nothing wrong... Just a curious thing. I think you humans would call it 'déjà vu'?
  • Mari McCabe: Oh? Now I'm intrigued. Tell me more.
  • Aya: Just now when John Stewart called you 'boss', my memory banks stored that in a memory archive which has not been added to for some time.
  • John Stewart: [chuckle] You have a specific folder in your brain for times I call Mari 'boss'?
  • Aya: No. Not Mari specifically... The file originated while observing you and Katma Tui's interactions while aboard the Interceptor approximately twelve Earth-years ago.
  • John Stewart: Twelve years ago? That... That's during my training?
  • Aya: Well, the first time you called her 'boss' to my observation was during what you would call your 'honeymoon'.
  • John Stewart: My honeymoon?!
  • Mari McCabe: Wait... Aya... Exactly what kind of interactions did you observe between John and Katma?
  • Aya: My earlier congratulations had many facets to it, Mari McCabe. That is probably all I should say on this matter.

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Aya

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