Oracle Files: Arthur Curry (3/3)



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  • Aquaman: [door crash open] Relax, friends! For King Orin is here... and now the party can officially begin. Now, where is the Martian? I hear he has brought me an alien brew so potent that even I might be hammered with a swig. I must try this! J'onn?!
  • Red Robin: [sigh] Who invited this guy?
  • Batman: Aquaman? He's a member of the League, Tim... He's been so... for years. He has a standing invitation to the meetings. Why are you here?
  • Red Robin: First of all, ouch. I thought we were brothers... Second of all, Young Justice. It's in the team's name. We're affiliated. Just covertly. We're here for a budget meeting... and third? You have to ask? World's Greatest Detective, you ain't. You don't rate that cowl.
  • Batman: I'm just keeping it warm until you grow another ten inches and are tall enough to wear it without dragging the cape on the ground.
  • Red Robin: Ha. Funny... Not.
  • Batman: So, what's your beef with Arthur? He's a nice guy... Oh, did he catch you thinking dirty thoughts about Mera?
  • Red Robin: What?! No... Wait... Did he catch you?!
  • Batman: Nevermind that! What's your problem with him then?
  • Red Robin: Doesn't he own a shirt?
  • Batman: I think he does. He is a king.
  • Red Robin: Just can't be bothered to wear it? Don't we have a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" rule in the Hall of Justice, anyway?
  • Batman: Ah, and there's the problem. You feel inadequate around the guy, huh? Well, can't fault you there. Don't worry about him... He's taken.
  • Batgirl: Orin! When did you get here?! [squeal, giggle, rushed footsteps] It's me! Batgirl! Do you remember last summer in Santa Prisca?
  • Red Robin: [sigh] As you can see... It's not Aquaman I worry about... It's his effect on my girlfriend. You don't suppose that's one of his powers?
  • Batman: Not unless Stephanie is part fish.
  • Black Bat: What are you boys talking ab-ow-ow! No one told me that Aquaman was here! Hey, King Orin! It's me!
  • Batman: You know, Tim... I think you're on to something. I'll talk to Superman about enforcing that rule... for the safety of our female visitors.

Trivia and Notes

  • In Bruce's absence Dick is again taking the mantle of the Bat.

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