Arthur Curry 2

Oracle Files: Arthur Curry (2/3)



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  • Hawkwoman: Dear, we need to catch her fast... She's almost to the waterfront...
  • Hawkman: Precisely! Cats hate water!
  • Cheetah: Are you havin' a laugh?! You think you can corral the Cheetah? You are a pair of bird-brains! [laughter, rapid footsteps, water splashing]
  • Hawkwoman: She runs on water! What's your genius plan now, dear?
  • Hawkman: I honestly didn't think she could run on water... Hmm... How 'bout that?
  • Aquaman: [water geyser, scream, body skipping on water] Huzzah! Fear not, my feathered friends! I have arrived!
  • Hawkman: Oh, snap! Look out! Don't get your wings- [wings flapping, water splashing, water splashing, gasping] ... wet. [sigh]
  • Cheetah: [coughing, coughing] Well looks like I'm all washed up... with nothing to show for it. Next time! [rapid footsteps]
  • Hawkwoman: [water splashing, coughing, water dripping] Arthur... do you know what you just did?
  • Aquaman: [water sloshing] No need to thank me, Shiera. I was just doing my job.
  • Mera: Dear... I don't she looks happy.
  • Hawkwoman: You! We can't chase her with our wings wet... And unless you got Barry Allen in your back pocket, that means she got away.
  • Aquaman: Ah, yes... She may have escaped us this time, but not with the stolen valuables!
  • Hawkwoman: What valuables? Oh, you mean the stolen painting?! Which is now worthless wet mess... thanks to you!
  • Mera: Yeah, definitely not happy with you, dear. These surface people... Never grateful.
  • Hawkman: Calm down, baby. He was just trying to help. It's all good.
  • Hawkwoman: What is he even doing here?! And why is Mera here? Oh... wait... Oh no... is it-
  • Hawkman/Aquaman: SHIRTLESS SATURDAY! OH YEAH! [palms slapping, mimicked guitar riffs & drum beats]
  • Mera: I feel your pain, Shiera. Take me to a tavern and let us drink until we no longer feel ashamed of the fools we have married.
  • Hawkwoman: [zipper unzipping, armored fabric shifting] Before you go, baby... Take this back home for me, will ya?

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