Arthur Brown 2

Oracle Files: Arthur Brown (2/2)



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  • Penguin: Nygma, you dare show your domino masked face in my office after you broke a damn chair over my noggin not more than month ago... in this very office?! You got nerve, I give you that.
  • Riddler: I also have twelve million in bearer bonds I need you to launder for me, Ozzie.
  • Penguin: Ah, right then! Let bygones be and all that. Let's see the merchandise, then. Oh, would you have a look at that. Nice haul, Eddie. Shall we toa- [distant scream] Songbird-love, you a'right?
  • Cluemaster: [thud, door opens, revolver hammer clicks] Give me the loot, Nygma.
  • Riddler: Ozzie, riddle me this, riddle me that... Have you ever, in your life, seen a more unoriginal prat?
  • Cluemaster: Did you just insult the man who is pointing a [expletive] gun at your [expletive] face?
  • Penguin: Yeah, Eddie... Let's be civil here. The man's got a point. Mister Clue, is it?
  • Cluemaster: [sigh] It's... Clue-MASTER! [gunshot, glass breaking, liquid dripping] Now, give me the money!
  • Riddler: I'm sorry, on this riddle I am stumped. Am I meant to be scared? While we're on that, I can't really figure you out, either. For starters, why must you not only copy my shtick but also sour my fun?
  • Cluemaster: 2005, Nygma! Does the name Agnes Brown mean anything to you?!
  • Riddler: The Arkham nurse? What about her? Didn't she quit? I don't recall seeing her recently...
  • Cluemaster: You killed her, you bowler-cap wearing son of a bitch!
  • Riddler: No... Doesn't ring a bell. Are you sure it wasn't another guy in a bowler cap? Maybe Clock King?

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