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Oracle Files: Arthur Brown (1/2)



VOX Archive

  • Roy Westerman: Good morning, Arthur. [chains rattling] Officer Cho, you can sit him there. Thank you.
  • Arthur Brown: Why is she here? And... who are you, boy? Wait, I know you, you're a Wayne brat.
  • Roy Westerman: Arthur. This is your annual review. I have asked Stephanie to join us, with her boyfriend, who happens to also be a representative of the Wayne family, as victims, Tim has a right to be here.
  • Arthur Brown: Fine. He can be here, then... but I don't have a daughter.
  • Roy Westerman: No, not really... legally speaking. Still... she is your daughter, Arthur. Even if she chose to put up some barriers between you, I believe she still loves you and wishes the best for-
  • Arthur Brown: Whatever, save the tripe and get on with it.
  • Phil Cho: Keep it up, Brown, and I'll haul you back to solitary. Being here is a privilege, I remind you.
  • Arthur Brown: Fine. Humor me, doc. What's your diagnosis. Am I cured?
  • Roy Westerman: In a word. No. You're a smart man, Arthur. Would you like to tell me why you think that is?
  • Arthur Brown: I think the answer lies somewhere between my ring and index fingers, doc.
  • Roy Westerman: Officer Cho? [chains rattling, footsteps, door closes] As you can see, he's not well.
  • Stephanie Brown: Yeah... I think I may have done something to "spoil" his attitude toward me. [awkward silence]
  • Tim Drake: [face palm] Goddammit, Steph! You can't help yourself, can you? You may need professional help.
  • Roy Westerman: Uh... I'm sorry. Am I missing something?

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Arthur Brown.
  • Stephanie "spoiled" her dad's crimes under the Spoiler alias.

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