Artemis Crock 3

Oracle Files: Artemis Crock (3/3)



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  • RECOGNIZE: X-07. Tigress... RECOGNIZE: C-02-B. Harper, Lian.
  • Cyborg: [Zeta Beam initializing, footsteps: 2 instances] You're... you're in costume? Did you have any trouble?
  • Tigress: Nah, I just broke in, gassed the cops, and ran off with Lian crammed into my quiver.
  • Cyborg: Uh...
  • Tigress: [scoff, chuckle] Relax, Cyborg. I went in plain clothes and used a fake ID, claiming to be Lian's mother. I'm in costume I am due on a mission in an hour and since I needed to kill some time to warm up the Zeta Beam in the Batcave-5...
  • Cyborg: Ah, okay... Whew... [sigh] Last thing we need is another fugitive Harper.
  • Lian Harper: Aunt Artemis, what time are we going back in to answer their questions?
  • Tigress: We're not going back in, Lian.
  • Lian Harper: You told them you'd bring me back after I got some sleep to answer their questions.
  • Tigress: Yeah, I ain't doing that...
  • Lian Harper: [scoff] I expect that from dad... and my mother... and most of my family... but you? [scoff] I expected better of you.
  • Tigress: [sigh] Lian, I used a fake ID for myself and told them you were someone else, too. The lie works if they don't pry.
  • Lian Harper: So you're going to let the bikers get away with kidnapping me?!
  • Tigress: They've done enough bad stuff, I'm going to trust my friends in Gotham to make them pay for their crimes. Okay?
  • Lian Harper: [groan] What about my friends they hurt my friends.
  • Cyborg: Leave that to the Outsiders, Lian... W'ell take care of that, okay? i know Batman's already on the case.
  • Lian Harper: [scoff] Fine... [footsteps] I'll be in my room doing whatever I can do on the computer. I'll e-mail you any leads I uncover...
  • Cyborg: She is such a strange kid...
  • Tigress: [chuckle] Well, considering who her parents are, I'd say we're lucky she's not a serial killer in the making...

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