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  • Lyle Bolton: [car door closes, footsteps] Dr. Sinner.
  • Alyce Sinner: [footsteps, car lock beep] Good morning, Warden Bolton. [footsteps] Why are you on gate duty?
  • Lyle Bolton: Staff shortage has all security staff on mandatory overtime... The warden is no exception. [chuckle] Can I see your bag?
  • Alyce Sinner: Of course. Here you are...
  • Lyle Bolton: [explosion] What the hell!
  • Alyce Sinner: [gasp] My car!
  • Lyle Bolton: [button pressed, alarm siren, radio microphone keyed] Central this is the staff entry gate. We have had an explosion... I'm going to check for casualties.
  • Central Control: Copy that. Dispatching crisis intervention and response team to your location.
  • Alyce Sinner: That was my car!
  • Lyle Bolton: Are you hurt? [door opens, door closes, gun unholstered, safety disengaged] Sinner, are you hurt?
  • Alyce Sinner: Yes... No... I'm fine. I'm not hurt... That was my car, though!
  • Lyle Bolton: Stay here... I'll be right ba- Ah!
  • Arkham X: Boo. [laugh, whack, choke, wrist contorted, metallic object hitting ground, whack, whack, knee dislocating, whack, thud, metallic object sliding on ground, scream] Ow... Please, stop screaming or I'll have to do it for you. [sudden silence] Ah, much better. Now, if you don't mind... [metallic object clinking] put on these handcuffs... quickly now, I don't have much time. [keys jingling, footsteps, handcuffs tightening] Ah, good girl. Now... [door opens] Stay in the gate house here... Now, I'm going to lock you in, okay? Oh... and [whimpering] I'm going to borrow this keycard if you don't mind. Yoink! Thanks... oh... [laugh] and sorry about the car. Had to be done... Nothing personal against you... I just like to make an entrance is all. You understand, right? [whimpering, laugh] Okay... Buh-bye!

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