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Oracle Files: Anissa Pierce (3/3)



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  • Katana: [pneumatic pump lowering, footsteps: 3 instances] Two outlaws delivered.
  • Arsenal: Tatsu... This wasn't part of the deal.
  • Batman: I'm not taking you in, if that's your concern.
  • Arsenal: Good because I wasn't going to let you-
  • Batman: Neither you or the Amazon could stop me if that was my intent-
  • Thunder: Play nice, you two. Remember that we're here to work together... Remember? Helena, Jason, and Kori are still missing.
  • Darkstar: Anissa speaks the truth. Does the World's Greatest Detective have any leads on their whereabouts?
  • Batman: No, but Checkmate does. The Birds of Prey have set up a meeting with Checkmate to gain some intelligence.
  • Thunder: Checkmate? I'm sorry, if I'm not in the loop here, but who the hell is Checkmate?
  • Batman: Not a who, per se. Checkmate is not an individual. Checkmate is an entity. A top secret government faction.
  • Darkstar: A CIA black ops unit?
  • Arsenal: No... Deeper even than that. Ollie and I encountered rumors of them in the past. We're not even sure they're American.
  • Thunder: So, they're what? British? French? German? Chinese? Russian?
  • Katana: They are backed by multiple governments, but operate without oversight. More secret society than intelligence agency.
  • Arsenal: You know of them?
  • Katana: Yes. In my work with the Squad, Waller has time or two told Flag to be cautious of Checkmate.
  • Darkstar: Well if Waller is worried about them, I trust them. Where's this meeting?
  • Batman: We're not attending the meeting. This is for Birds. We show up and we risk spooking Checkmate.
  • Thunder: If you didn't want us dropping in, then you wouldn't have told us about it to begin with... So... What's your angle here?
  • Batman: [scoff, chuckle] Your father has taught you well. Follow me. [footsteps]

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