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  • Flagerethon: Seriously, why do I have to hang out there? The apartment's fine...
  • Gremlin: First of all, I'm not leaving you alone in the apartment while Ellie's out with the Titans.
  • Flagerethon: Snowflake leaves me alone all the time while she does her Good Samaritan shenanigans.
  • Gremlin: She also cleans up after you before I get home... I know she does. I don't want a mess.
  • Flagerethon: You think I won't mess this Bunker up, too? [scoff] You're wrong.
  • Gremlin: [chuckle] I hope you do... It's Darkstar's turn cleaning this week and I'd love to see what she'd do to you if you so much as have a drink without using a coaster.
  • Flagerethon: Are you sure there's no devil blood in your family tree?
  • Gremlin: I'm sure. Anyway, Flag, you will like this Bunker... [beep, beep, pneumatic door opens, soft padded footsteps, footsteps] It is so much nicer than you're imagining. [footsteps, soft padded footsteps]
  • Flagerethon: Oh, I'll say... [whistle, soft padded footsteps] Hey toots. Name's Flag. What's yours?
  • Halo: Grem? This some weird robot invention of yours or something?
  • Gremlin: If that freaks you out less than Ellie's pet hellspawn creature posing as a creepier sock monkey, sure.
  • Flagerethon: Technically, I'm not a pet... Unless you want me to be yours. [chuckle]
  • Halo: Okay... uh... Well, Flag, my name's Halo.
  • Flagerethon: Halo? An angel, eh? [mischievous chuckle] You know, they say the forbidden fruit is so much sweeter... Care for a taste?
  • Halo: Uh... Grem?
  • Gremlin: Flag, stop humping her leg or I'm throwing you in the washing machine again.
  • Flagerethon: [scoff] Fine... Oh, hey, look... A bar! Hey, you heroes do know how to live!

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