Oracle Files Angel O'Day

Oracle Files: Angel O'Day



  • Hub City, PA
  • August 20th 2017, 0319 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Angel O'Day: [scoff, footsteps] Sam, you're being ridiculous...
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... That is your opinion. [loud footsteps]
  • Angel O'Day: [footsteps] No. It's a fact. Where are you going?! This is Hub City! [footsteps] We don't have a home here and you can't very well go walking all the way to Sun City from here.
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... Watch me. [loud footsteps]
  • Angel O'Day: [footsteps, sigh] Sammy...
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... [loud footsteps, stomp] What?! [loud footsteps] What do you want from me?!
  • Angel O'Day: You... I want you... You're my partner, Sammy...
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... [scoff] Am I though?! This seems less and less like a partnership everyday...
  • Angel O'Day: That's not fair.
  • Sam Simeon: You dragged me back to Gotham and look what happened... I was this close to giving into their torture. You have no idea what sort of things they did to me.
  • Angel O'Day: Fine... Show me. [footsteps, clatter] Here. Do your mind stuff. Show me what they did, Sam.
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... No! [loud footsteps] I can't!
  • Angel O'Day: Why not?!
  • Sam Simeon: If I share those memories, the same things will happen to you!
  • Angel O'Day: [scoff, footsteps] So what? You think I haven't been tortured before? I'm a big girl. I can-
  • Sam Simeon: [bestial roar] I won't hurt you! I won't do it!
  • Angel O'Day: Okay... Okay, big guy... That's fine. Just tell me then.
  • Sam Simeon: [loud footsteps] No... Not now... Hmmph... It's too raw... I need time to process.
  • Angel O'Day: Okay... I can do that. Is there anything else I can do?
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... Get me out of this city... Get me out of cities in general. I've had enough of this corruption... and filtering through all this mental congestion and thought traffic is- [roar] I just can't think straight! I need fresh air! I need-
  • Andrea Beaumont: To go to Colorado? [footsteps] fresh air, wide open spaces, breathtaking views, and even a job.
  • Angel O'Day: [footsteps] And who are you?
  • Andrea Beaumont: A client... willing to pay up-front.
  • Sam Simeon: Hmmph... Good enough for me. I'm in... Angel?
  • Angel O'Day: [sigh, footsteps] Yeah, sure thing... partner. Alrighty then, "Miss Tery", what's the job?

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