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  • Jim Gordon: Oh, right... [chuckle, sigh] I swear, one of these days I’ll be obsolete.
  • Barbara Gordon: No machine or program can replace you, dad... Not yet anyways.
  • Jim Gordon: Alright, sweetie. I better go. I'll call you in the morning. [call ended]
  • Barbara Gordon: Hmm... Grayson can hold on a bit longer, by bladder can't [User Status set to "Away"] [wheelchair wheels rolling]
  • Ambush Bug: [air displacement, electric pop, joints popping] Wow, nice digs. Oracle, you there? Oh, what's this? She's logged in. [maniacal chuckle] It would be wrong of me to snoop... So that's why I'll just fill in. Hmm... Wait, where do I sit? She took her chair with her?! The nerve... Oh, wait... No... That makes sense. Well, I'll just... [footsteps] grab a chair from the kitchen... [footsteps, wood dragging on wood, footsteps, wood dragging on wood] Al-right. Let's see, put these headsets on... and... [User Status set to "Online'] [Channel Switch] Hey Boy Wonder! What's up?!
  • Nightwing: Ambush Bug?
  • Ambush Bug: You can call me Oracle Bug now.
  • Nightwing: Wait... You're there? At Oracle's workstation?
  • Ambush Bug: Hey, you're right! I'm at Oracle's workstation. I need to read some Oracle Files. Hold on. Let's see... search... A-M-B-U- He! Look, there I am... Okay, let's see here..."wrapped in a riddle... rolled in a joint" That's weird. Is she implying I do drugs? I don't do drugs. Well, not anymore.
  • Nightwing: Not anymore?
  • Ambush Bug: Well, yeah, not currently! Anyway, so what? This is a fanfic character profile not a PSA! I can blaze up if I want to... Say, where's Babs' stash?
  • Nightwing: Look, Bug. I think it's in your best interest to log off right now and get out of Oracle's Clocktower... probably out of Gotham completely.
  • Ambush Bug: Pfft... This city loves me. Hey, what's this scan all about? Seventy-seven percent? What happens when it gets to three hundred?
  • Nightwing: Uh... it doesn't go to three hundred.
  • Ambush Bug: Really? That's lame. I wonder why. Did Bruce not have enough dough in that money vault of his to get her a scanner that went to three-hundred?

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