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Oracle Files: Amanda Waller



  • Undisclosed Location
  • March 23rd 2016, 0003 EST

VOX Archive

  • Amanda Waller: Status Report.
  • Deadshot: We're almost to the beach. [water splashing] Croc's chute didn't open, though... But he's got a thick skin.
  • Amanda Waller: Good thing we dropped you over water, then. Still, you're five minutes behind schedule.
  • Deadshot: We'll make it up. [heavy breathing]
  • Amanda Waller: You had better. I would not want to remind you what happened to Weasel.
  • Deadshot: No need to remind me. [grunt]
  • Captain Boomerang: Me neither. Just the mention of the name makes me wanna check me ears for brain matter. [water splashing]
  • Amanda Waller: Very well. I want a status report the minute you're in the village.
  • Harley Quinn: I don't want to alarm anyone, but I'm hearing voices in my head. [water splashing]
  • Deadshot: It's the comms, Quinn. Relax.
  • Harley Quinn: Oh, no... I hear that, too. These are different voices. [water splashing]
  • Captain Boomerang: [heavy breathing] Yeah, love? What these voices tellin' ya to do now?
  • Harley Quinn: I'll tell ya, Boomie... See this boomerang I swiped off you just now? I'm gonna throw it at the back of Croc's head.
  • Captain Boomerang: Whoa, hold on there, love. Why would ya be wantin' to go an' do somthin' like that?
  • Harley Quinn: You have to ask, really? Huh... [giggles] Well, [giggles] it'd sure be a riot if Croc bit your head off. [giggles]
  • Deadshot: Quit the antics, Harley. Let's focus on the mission.
  • Harley Quinn: Aw, shucks! I only came on this mission because I wanted to see someone loose their head. [giggles]

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