Alex Parker 2-0

Oracle Files: Alex Parker (2/2)



VOX Archive

  • [explosion]
  • [signal lost: Blue Beetle / / signal lost: Booster Gold. Redirecting... Subjects Found. VOX Confirmed]
  • [now monitoring ARGUS Comms Channel missing time on record: 1m 04s, approximate]
  • Booster Gold: That was a close one, eh, BB?
  • Blue Beetle: You said it, BG.
  • Booster Gold: Don't call me BG
  • Blue Beetle: Don't call me BB. Hey, uh, guy in the suit... Thanks for the assist with the timely rescue.
  • Stormguard: Have this conversation later? [energy blast, pained hiss] Grab Superman and let's get out of here.
  • Doomsday: [alien language] [bestial roar] [alien language]
  • Superman: [explosion, debris shifting, loud footsteps] Quick... Over there... Hide. [footsteps: 4 instances] Uh... [thud]
  • Booster Gold: [loud footsteps fading] Well, that's not good. If this thing can take down Superman, what're we gonna do?
  • Stormguard: What we need is more firepower... We need the League's heaviest hitters here, now. Who's available?
  • Blue Beetle: No clue... My comms are down from the blast. Booster? Give me a boost to that rooftop?
  • Booster Gold: No can do... [beep, beep] Thrusters are out from the explosion. What's up there anyway?
  • Blue Beetle: Communications equipment. Mine's out but I think I can rig something up. We need to call Karen in on this.
  • Stormguard: I can give you a lift. My suit's got thrusters, too... Wait, who's Karen?
  • Blue Beetle: Whoops, never mind... Can your suit support extra weight? I know it's ARGUS, but who manufactured it?
  • Stormguard: Uh... not sure. I think I saw a Kord Tech logo somewhere on the inside.
  • Blue Beetle: Oh, I got nothing to fear at all then. Piggyback! [grunt]
  • Stormguard: Oh, just in case I don't see you again, Mr. Gold... I just want to say I'm a big fan of your work.
  • Booster Gold: Hey now is not time for sarca- Wait, you're being serious? [scoff] Cool!

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