Alex Parker 1-0

Oracle Files: Alex Parker (1/2)



  • Watchtower, Earth's Orbit
  • June 13th 2017, 0029 EST

VOX Archive

  • Catherine Cobert: [giggle] You American boys. So, uh, shall we say, mechant.
  • Alex Parker: Mechant? My French is a bit rusty. You didn't just call me a drill bit, right?
  • Catherine Cobert: [giggle] It means "naughty".
  • Alex Parker: Oh. [chuckle] I'll take that... Though I was starting to warm up to being a drill bit.
  • Catherine Cobert: [giggle] Oh my! Agent Parker, [footsteps] are you saying you'd like to drill me?
  • Alex Parker: [cough, cough] Uh... No. [nervous chuckle] Well, I mean. Wait, did you w-
  • John Stewart: Sorry, Agent. [hand patting shoulder] Don't mean to interrupt. I just need to have a quick word with Miss Cobert. Catherine, don't worry about the meeting tomorrow.
  • Alex Parker: G- G- Green Lantern...
  • Catherine Cobert: Oh, John! I needed to speak to you as well. The press release you gave me for the Corps included some names of what I assume are planets... that I cannot pronounce
  • John Stewart: [chuckle] I'll send a pronunciation guide over- Sorry, is something wrong, agent?
  • Alex Parker: [clears throat] Sorry, sir. It's just... You don't recognize me.
  • John Stewart: You're Agent Parker. You're with ARGUS. I read the brief on your clearance.
  • Alex Parker: I meant from before... Sir, you saved my life in Khandaq. You rescued me from an-
  • John Stewart: I.E.D.? [deep breath] I remember you. [chuckle] Don't worry about thanking me, son. We Marines gotta watch out for each other, right? I expect you'll pay it forward, though.
  • Alex Parker: Yes sir.
  • John Stewart: Oorah!
  • Alex Parker: Oorah!

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Alex Parker/Stormguard.

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