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  • Jim Gordon: [door opens, footsteps] Am I interrupting?
  • Kate Spencer: Deputy Mayor? Uh... Well, we were just about to go out to lunch.
  • Adrian Chase: Did you, uh, need something?
  • Jim Gordon: Yes. I want to take you two to lunch.
  • Kate Spencer: Seriously? Uh... Okay... Can I ask what's the occasion?
  • Jim Gordon: I had a lunch date with D.A. Grange, but her secretary just told me she cancelled.
  • Adrian Chase: So you thought of us? I'm flattered. No, seriously, I'm not one to turn down a free meal.
  • Jim Gordon: To be honest, I've been meaning to speak to you both. This is a good opportunity, I've been wanting to congratulate you two on the recent Blake conviction. Real fine work there.
  • Kate Spencer: [chuckle] Well, coming from Gotham's former top cop, I'm flattered. Thank you, Mr. Gordon.
  • Jim Gordon: Call me Jim, please. My father was Mr. Gordon.
  • Adrian Chase: Well, my hat's off to Mr. Gordon then, Jim. He's a hero, too, for raising you.
  • Jim Gordon: [chuckle] Are you sure you want to say that? My dad was a defense attorney...
  • Adrian Chase: Uh...
  • Jim Gordon: [chuckle, hand slapping shoulder] It's fine, Adrian. I became a cop to spite him.
  • Kate Spencer: If you really wanted to hurt him, you could have become a prosecutor.
  • Jim Gordon: No... I don't think I could have made it through law school.
  • Adrian Chase: Ah, sure you could have. I did it... You've got to be smarter than me.
  • Jim Gordon: Learning isn't my problem though.
  • Adrian Chase: So, tell me, Jim. Why'd you choose the police academy instead of law school?
  • Jim Gordon: I have a soul. [chuckle] Just kidding. Come on, let's grab a bite.

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