Oracle Files Ace Drummond 1

Oracle Files: Ace Drummond (1/2)



  • R&R, Cedar Creek, PA
  • February 3rd 2017, 1811 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Ace Drummond: [porcelain clatter, liquid pouring, glass clatter] Okay... Here. Drink this.
  • Angie Aimes: Tea? You think I need tea?
  • Ace Drummond: Well you clearly don't need anymore booze, girl. Now, [cup sliding on tabletop] drink.
  • Liv Cavanaugh: I'd do it, Angie... Otherwise she might go get your mother.
  • Angie Aimes: [sigh, clatter] Fine... [sip, light hiss] Oh, that's hot. [blow] Has she always been so bossy?
  • Liv Cavanaugh: Uh... yes? [nervous chuckle] What? Are you saying you're not bossy?
  • Ace Drummond: [chuckle] No. I know who I am, but you were about due for a glare. [clatter, sigh] Alright, Angie... From the top now. What's the problem?
  • Liv Cavanaugh: Yeah? Why make the- what? Six hour drive(?), from Gotham to Cedar Creek? Just to come talk to us? No... What's got you so spooked?
  • Angie Aimes: [blow, sigh] I... I didn't drive... I, uh, I took other means. Anyway, uh, [nervous chuckle, sigh] here goes: I'm a lesbian. [silence: 4.3 seconds] Didn't you here me?
  • Liv Cavanaugh: I heard you, but... uh... How do I say this, Ace?
  • Ace Drummond: [scoff] You're not a lesbian, Angie. Trust me.
  • Angie Aimes: I am though! I have a girlfriend and everything.
  • Liv Cavanaugh: Well, uh... congratulations?
  • Angie Aimes: No! Not congratulations!! I don't need that! That's the last thing I need!
  • Ace Drummond: [sigh] What do you need?
  • Angie Aimes: I need you two to beat some sense into me. I don't do relationships!
  • Liv Cavanaugh: Well there was that boy in-
  • Angie Aimes: [sigh] I was figuring things out. I didn't know who I was or what- [sigh, groan] Come on! You two both know I'm asexual.
  • Ace Drummond: [groan, sigh] I think I can see the problem here.
  • Liv Cavanaugh: You do?
  • Ace Drummond: Angie got drunk and [expletive] some drunk hipster in an experiment phase. Now, Angie's scared she's a lesbian. That about right, Aimes?
  • Angie Aimes: [groan, clatter, click, screenswipe, screenswipe, screenswipe, screentap] Look! See! That's her!
  • Liv Cavanaugh: Yeah, definitely looks like a hipster to me...
  • Ace Drummond: Wait... Isn't that your sexy neighbor?
  • Liv Cavanaugh: [gasp] Ace!
  • Ace Drummond: I'm married, I'm not dead... I can appreciate beauty. Yeah, she's definitely in the spectrum, by the way. She was totally looking me up before she saw my ring.
  • Angie Aimes: The spectrum?
  • Liv Cavanaugh: [chuckle] She's gay... or bi... or whatever. So, you hooked up with your neighbor? So what? She knows your situation, right? Talk to her. What's the problem?
  • Angie Aimes: Problem? No problem... Problems. [sigh] I don't even know where to begin... There's a lot going on right now and this... this is only the least of my problems!

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