John Diggle 2

Operator Files: John Diggle (2/2)



VOX Archive

  • Arsenal: [elevator doors open, footsteps: 3 instances] Hey Lian. Were you a good girl for Felicity?
  • Lian Harper: The fact that you have to ask that shows just how little you know about me, dad.
  • Arsenal: [sigh] Can you just humor me and act like a normal child every now and again?
  • Lian Harper: Depends... Grandfather, was my dad a good boy for you?
  • Green Arrow: [laughter] He was a pain in the ass... so, pretty much the same as he's always been.
  • Lian Harper: [sigh] See, dad? This is why I can't be a child... one of us has to be the responsible one in this partnership.
  • Felicity Smoak: Hey, I feel your pain, Roy... She lectured me for fifteen minutes about how I shouldn't clutter my work space with collector's edition action figures.
  • Guardian: [gentle slap, chuckle] That reminds me... I need to call Sara. Whoa, wait a minute... What's that?
  • Arsenal: What's what?
  • Guardian: [papers shuffling, keyboard keys clacking] This thing... [mouse clicking] right... [keyboard clacking] How can you get the camera to stop cycling?!
  • Felicity Smoak: [office chair wheel rolling] Move aside... [keyboard keys clacking, mouse clicking] Oh... Yeah, uh, someone bypassed our emergency exit tunnel's alarms.
  • Green Arrow: Excuse me?
  • Guardian: We have an intruder! [pistol unholstering]
  • Green Arrow: Roy, get Lian and Felicity out of here. John, you're with me. Let's go throw these [expletive] a welcome party. Oh, sorry, Lian... Pretend I didn't say that.
  • Lian Harper: It's okay. My dad says much worse than that all the time.
  • Arsenal: Yeah, dear... and now you know where I got it. C'mon! Let's go! Felicity, stay close. [rapid footsteps, elevator door closes]
  • Guardian: [rapid footsteps, keypad beeping, pneumatic hiss] You know, Sara said the same word out of the blue the other night. Didn't you babysit her last week? Is that where she got it?
  • Green Arrow: [scoff] Do I look like the type of a guy who would do something like- Yeah, on second thought don't answer that. Let's go. [rapid footsteps water sploshing]

Trivia and Notes

  • Operator Files are Felicity's response to Oracle Files.
  • No one actually broke into the Quiver, Connor and Emiko shut off the alarm so they could use it to sneak out for a joyride on some Arrow-bikes and forgot to reset the alarm.

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