Hank Henderson 2

Operator Files: Hank Henderson (2/2)



VOX Archive

  • Cerberus: [whack, whack] Y'know, for assassins, these guys aren't that great at killing. [smack, thud]
  • Guardian: I said the same thing the first time I fought them. [whack, thud, gunshot, whack, gunshot]
  • Green Arrow: [arrow loosed, smack, thud, arrow loosed, gas hissing, thud] Yeah... the training regimen has really not been the same since I left the League. [arrow loosed, electric crackle, thud]
  • Red Claw: [body rolling, arrow loosed, arrow deflected by bow] Shall we test your theory, my love?
  • Cerberus: My love? Uh... [whack, whack, thud] Isn't that one of the al Ghul girls?
  • Guardian: She's one of Ra's daughters, yeah... but I wouldn't call her a girl. She's old... [gunshot]
  • Operator: She's Ollie's crazy ex-wife, too.
  • Cerberus: Seriously? Wait, now I know why there's all those crazy lady archers [whack, smack, feet stumbling on asphalt, smack, thud] It's a "Dumped by the Green Arrow" support group!
  • Green Arrow: [rapid footsteps, arrow deflected by bow] There's actually not a lot that I've dated...
  • Operator: Well... Nyssa, Shado... Cupid-
  • Green Arrow: That's enough out of the peanut gallery! [arrow loosed, arrow deflected by bow, explosion]
  • Red Claw: [cough, chuckle] Disguising a C4 arrow like one of your stupid boxing glove arrows. Clever, lover. [giggle] Nearly had me there. Though what would you have done if that hit?
  • Green Arrow: I'd get over it... trust me.
  • Red Claw: [chuckle] Oh, please. You're not fooling anyone. Just admit it, Oliver... You miss me.
  • Green Arrow: [scoff, chuckle] I never miss. [arrow loosed]

Trivia and Notes

  • Operator Files are Felicity's response to Oracle Files.
  • The other lady archers are Shado, who Oliver cheated on Nyssa with during his time in the League of Assassins, and Cupid, during one of BC and GA's many break-ups, Ollie did some work for Waller and was given an ARGUS agent as a partner. That agent was Carrie Cutter.

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