The Oblivion Bar is a bar for sorcerers, mages and other magic users. It has the ability to appear as if it moves around due to it being located within its own pocket dimension. It is owned and run by Lucifer Morningstar.

It has five bars, two restrooms, a patio, two dance floors, an inferno room, two storage rooms, a managment room, a billiards room, a stage, a backstage and a place for Lucifer's piano and table.

Trivia and Notes


  • Prior to the Manhattaning it ran out of Los Angeles, CA.
  • It has a conection to the Shadowpact Sanctuary.
  • Bar is protected by a master sigil written in Mazikeen's blood. The sigila specifies who can enter the bar and enforces the "No-Fight" rule. The sigil can be modified to specify who is welcome.[1]
  • To enter Oblivion Bar you can say Oblivio (latin word for forgetting) to the Door of Destination,[2] but it only works for first time visitors. To get inside again you need to have a membership or use a special matchbook.[3]
  • Andrew Bennett and Mary Seward have a ceasefire "date night" once a month here.[4]
  • Lucifer hired Elvira after Los Angeles was destroyed in the Manhattaning as a entertainer, hostess, and bartender. After Dream's comeback she became the host of Sinister House.[5]


  • This establishment is a combination of Oblivion Bar and Lux. In the comics Oblivion Bar was the base of the Shadowpact, and Lux was the name of Lucifer's bar.
  • According to Roy: "The Oblivion Bar is in a pocket dimension. It doesn't move. However its doors are portals that bend space all over the place. It is connected to somewhere in every major city and others in remote locations."

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