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  • Golden Angel: [water lapping on shore, seagull flock in distance, horse galloping on sand, water lapping on shore, horse slowing, sand scattering, horse stopping] Hello?
  • Fangirl: [gasp, cough, hacking cough, cough, gasp]
  • Golden Angel: [relieved sigh] Oh... Thank the gods. For a moment, I thought you were dead.
  • Fangirl: Dead? No... [groan] Not for lack of wishing I was.
  • Golden Angel: [wry chuckle] You don't mean that.
  • Fangirl: Yeah... Probably not. There are far too few necrophiliacs in the world and I'd be too good looking of a corpse to settle for just any old deviant that digs me up.
  • Golden Angel: Uh... Right... So... Who are you anyway? I mean, I can tell by your attire that you and I are probably in the same business.
  • Fangirl: [water lapping on shore, water splashing, groan, footsteps in wet sand] The name's Fangirl. I'm with the Challengers of the- Wait, a minute... Your attire?
  • Golden Angel: What about it?
  • Fangirl: Is this Themyscira? [squee] Oh, it's more beautiful than I ever imagined it would be- [passing airplane overhead] Huh? Wait a minute... This isn't Themyscira!
  • Golden Angel: Uh no... This is Gotham Harbor... See the city behind you?
  • Fangirl: [scoff, deflated sigh, groan] Yeah... Poop... Wait a minute... This isn't Gotham... I don't see the March Ventures building or-
  • Golden Angel: The what building?
  • Fangirl: You know, the one owned by the new mayor.
  • Golden Angel: New mayor? What are you-
  • Fangirl: Say, what's an Amazon doing in Gotham City anyway? Isn't this violating some Bat/Wonder embargo or something?
  • Golden Angel: Excuse me... but I can be in whatever city I want to be in, especially when my dad lives here.
  • Fangirl: Your dad lives here? In Gotham... Wait, a minute... Your chestplate. Is your dad... Batman? Oh my gosh! It's like my slash-fiction came true after all this time! You're the daughter of Batman and Double Dubs!
  • Golden Angel: What did you just call my moth-? [vorpal crackling] Oh, what's this now? What's happening to you?
  • Fangirl: [giggle] I... I don't know, but it tickles... [giggle, vorpal crackling]
  • Golden Angel: You're disappearing! Quick take my hand! [clasped hands, vorpal crackling] I'm not letting go... [groan, vorpal crackling, blipt, silence, water lapping on shore, seagull flock in distance, horse neighs]

Trivia and Notes

  • Debut of Golden Angel.
  • Story continues from ObMod: Cabin Fever 25.
  • Story continues in ObMod: A New Horizon 1.
  • First instance of one of Earth-27's rules being broken (Rule #2: No Access to Parallel Earths).
    • Golden Angel is an original character that initially was not suited to be a part of Earth-27, being a daughter of two Earth-27 characters that don't have a relationship, and also being too old for the timeline.
  • Fangirl was able to travel to Earth-Legacy through a crack in the Second Wall (Wall of Space), created when the Monitor Sphere hit the wall in ObMod: Cabin Fever 23, but as noted there, the wall has begun to heal itself, preventing any more travel between Earth-27 and other realities.

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