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  • Vicki Vale: [papers shuffling, footsteps: 2 instances] Angie?
  • Angie Aimes: Miss Vale- [sigh] -and Mister Ryder... [papers shuffling] What can I do for you?
  • Jack Ryder: You're a good speller, ain't you, Aimes?
  • Angie Aimes: I like to think of myself as a decent speller. I mean, it is part of my job... and yours.
  • Vicki Vale: Great, we need you to settle a dispute we're having. How many Zs are in brassiere?
  • Jack Ryder: I say two. Vicki says one. So what is it?
  • Angie Aimes: I mean, this is a joke right? [silence: 3.2 seconds] Seriously? There are no Zs.
  • Jack Ryder: Huh... Really? Hmm... Well, then tell me, how do you spell it?
  • Angie Aimes: If this is for an article, might I suggest you refer to it as a 'bra? Most readers don't use-
  • Jack Ryder: Wait, would I call it a bra? Isn't that confusing... I mean, I get that they both hold something hot, but-
  • Vicki Vale: Enough Jack. I see the confusion. We're looking for the word of those metal cages that hold coal.
  • Angie Aimes: Oh, brazier... One Z in that case. Vicki was correct in spelling, but not in pronunciation.
  • Jack Ryder: So, we'll call it a draw, then. Fair enough. [footsteps]
  • Vicki Vale: [scoff] How is that fair? [footsteps] [shout:] You were wrong about both! [footsteps] At least I got the spelling right, Jack! At least I got the spelling right! [annoyed groan]
  • Angie Aimes: [sigh] [whisper enhancement:] I need a new job...

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