Underworld Gone Underground Part 6

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  • Suicide: [doors opening, footsteps echoing in large room: 3 instances] Yup, this is definitely a palace. [sniff, sniff] Huh, not how I imagined it would smell. It smells less like a charnel house and more like-
  • Fox: Pomegranates. I know...
  • Orb Weaver: The fruit is his wife's favorite. Hades has an incredible garden in his courtyard... Hmmmmm...
  • Fox: His wife? You mean, Persephone? The goddess he kidnapped.
  • Orb Weaver: The truth was distorted over oral retellings. Hmm... Hades tends to be poorly characterized... Especially by modern interpretations.
  • Suicide: Yeah, God of Death. Ruler of the Underworld. I'm sure he's a nice guy.
  • Hades: I like to think so.
  • Suicide: [gulp] [whisper enhancement:] Orbie, is that him?
  • Orb Weaver: Lord Hades.
  • Suicide: Do we bow too or...?
  • Fox: Just bow.
  • Hades: [silence: 4.7 seconds] Margret Rivera. What brings you to my palatial estate?
  • Orb Weaver: I am humbled to be remembered by your eminence, Great Grand Uncle Hades.
  • Suicide: Wha-?
  • Fox: [whisper enhancement:] Just keep your gob shut and let her do the talking... and just maybe we get out of here.
  • Hades: You may be the granddaughter of one of less than favored nephews, but you are still family... and I would be a hypocrite if I were to judge others by the merits of their fathers. What brings you here?
  • Orb Weaver: Some sort of travel mishap that we are unable to correct without your blessing... Hmm...
  • Hades: I see... and who might your companions be?
  • Orb Weaver: Jack Dahl and Erik Kassidy, also known as Fox and Suicide, respectively. Hmmmm...
  • Hades: A cunning animal and a declaration of one's ultimate inability to cope with life. Interesting epithets. [footsteps]
  • Suicide: Yeah... I'm thinking of changing mine. Any suggestions?
  • Hades: No. [footsteps] Though, I am an excellent judge of character... You're at odds with your brother. You share your brother's mental illness, yet you struggle to do good despite it, where your brother embraces the madness.
  • Suicide: You got all that from my costume, did you?
  • Hades: I am the God of Mysteries. I have an incredible gift of discernment. You and I are kindred spirits, in a fashion, we possess an intrinsic bond to our family and firm sense of duty. Be true to those things and you will not fail.
  • Suicide: Uh... Okay. Yeah. Thanks. I'll do that.
  • Hades: And you... Fox? Mind if I call you such, seeing as Jack is not your real name, is it?
  • Fox: No...
  • Hades: You do not fear me?
  • Fox: I have no reason to fear you, Lord Chaos. Margret has made me aware that your reputation as a malevolent being is a fabrication... and seeing as you sound nothing like James Woods, I see that movies have lied to me.
  • Hades: [chuckle] Glib remarks to mask what you do not want others to see... You and I also share something. We do not wish to become our father, isn't that so? Oh... There it is, a fleeting reaction to the truth you do not want said.
  • Fox: I am nothing like him.
  • Hades: Maybe... maybe not. that remains to be seen. Though, I feel that will be tested soon enough. Be ready to find out who you truly are, Fox.
  • Persephone: [footsteps] Hades... there you are... [footsteps, moist lip smack, passionate moaning: 2 instances, sigh] Who are our guests?
  • Hades: The demigoddess daughter of my nephew Phobos and her two companions, Fox and... Hellcat. Yes, I think that will do nicely, seeing as you were trained by the Wildcat himself, were you not?
  • Suicide: Uh... Yes...Yes, I was. Wow, he's good.
  • Hades: They have lost their way. I was just about to send them with a letter of passage and show them the way to the gates back to Earth.
  • Persephone: Well, seeing as they have come such a long way, they will stay for dinner hen.
  • Fox: That is most kind but-
  • Orb Weaver: We would be greatly honored by such an offer, my queen.
  • Suicide: Food sounds great... I haven't eaten in what feels like days.
  • Hades: Good, then it is settled. [single clap] After dinner, I shall take you to my yacht and return you to the mortal realm from whence you came.

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