So We Finally Meet

ObMod: So We Finally Meet



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  • Roy Westeman: [sniff, sigh, long exhale, deep breath, sniff, sniff, sigh] Take care, little guy. [slow footsteps, stiff breeze, footsteps stop] I know you're there.
  • Anti-Monitor: [cthonic crackle, heavy footsteps, mechanical breathing] This is something we never understood about you.
  • Roy Westeman: So... We finally meet.
  • Anti-Monitor: You created this place and you allowed this to happen to your own. Though, it's not too surprising... considering what you did to us.
  • Roy Westeman: I didn't create this place... I merely repurposed the energies. Reshaped them. You know that.
  • Anti-Monitor: [mechanical breathing] Semantics... You do realize there is a way to bring him back.
  • Roy Westeman: You shouldn't be here.
  • Anti-Monitor: [mechanical breathing] Vice muri... Take it down and go back. Save him. We know you want to. We'll help you do that. We do not have to be your enemy.
  • Roy Westeman: The first wall remain in place.
  • Anti-Monitor: It limits your power! It limits the stories that can be told in this world of yours... It limits your joy. Surely you know this!
  • Roy Westeman: Not all stories are about joy.
  • Anti-Monitor: [mechanical breathing] Fine... Leave the barrier in place then... A rewrite then. You have that power... You could will him here then.
  • Roy Westeman: He is already here. He's always with me.
  • Anti-Monitor: Fine... We have that power too. [mechanical breathing] We'll do it for you. [mechanical breathing]
  • Roy Westeman: [vorpal blast, energy scatter] You will not! I will not allow you to degrade his memory!
  • Anti-Monitor: Very well. What would you have us do?
  • Roy Westeman: Stand down... When i have a solution, I can help you.
  • Anti-Monitor: The first wall is the solution! [mechanical breathing] Anyway, why should we trust you to help us? [mechanical breathing] Especially, after how you repaid us for helping you last time.
  • Roy Westeman: That was an unfortunate side-effect I had not foreseen... I- I'm sorry for what happened, but I cannot abide your presence in this reality... Not after what you did.
  • Anti-Monitor: What choice do you leave us then?
  • Roy Westeman: Return to your prison and-
  • Anti-Monitor: That is no choice! [mechanical breathing]
  • Roy Westeman: You're wrong. You can choose that or you can choose to be destroyed.
  • Anti-Monitor: We do not see how you expect to do that. [mechanical breathing] If you remember, you tried to do just that before and now we're even stronger than we once were.
  • Roy Westeman: I may not have solved the issue to your cure, but I have solved the question as to your mortality. Press me further and I'll be the one with no choice.
  • Anti-Monitor: Is that a threat? [mechanical breathing]
  • Roy Westeman: It is.
  • Anti-Monitor: Then strike us down! [mechanical breathing, heavy footsteps] What are you waiting for?!
  • Roy Westeman: Waiting for you to cross the line...
  • Anti-Monitor: Oh, we think we've done just that... [mechanical breathing] Have yo seen your Challengers?
  • Roy Westeman: How do- What have you done?
  • Anti-Monitor: We think it's time to take our leave of you. [mechanical breathing] You'll find them on your precious Sphere... Question is, can you find the Sphere? [cthonic discharge, rush of air]

Trivia and Notes

  • Part of the Artifacts Storyline.
  • The Monitor Sphere was untethered from reality in ObMod: Cabin Fever 1.
  • Story continues in ObMod: Cabin Fever 19.
  • The Murums are the four Walls of Reality:
    • First Wall of Time which keeps time flowing linearly
    • The Second Wall of Space which gives boundaries to the realm of the Monitor's creation
    • The Third Wall of Logic which keeps the other laws of the realm intact
    • The Fourth Wall of Belief which keeps the Bleed (or "disbelief") from spilling into this realm.

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