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  • Zinda Blake: Not that I'm writing a book or nothing, nor do I want to give you the sense I'm ungrateful, but mind telling us what you're doing here, Karen?
  • Power Girl: In due time... For now, turn here.
  • Zinda Blake: Here?
  • Power Girl: Mn-hmm... Yeah, just pull over. Helena knows the building. I'll meet you guys inside. I'm going to go land on the roof so I'm not seen with you while I am in costume and cape.
  • Evelyn Crawford: [car rolls to stop, brakes engage] Okay... I'll bite. What's this? The house of some back alley stitcher?
  • Helena Bertinelli: You'll see once you get inside... but yeah. I texted ahead. The doctor is in.
  • Barbara Gordon: Oh, is that so, Hel? Gee... I want to trust you but- Hmm... I just can't. I wonder why that is...
  • Helena Bertinelli: You're a piece of work, Babs... Look, I'm sorry, but things will be better. I promise.
  • Barbara Gordon: Your promises don't amount to much anymore, Bertinelli.
  • Helena Bertinelli: Dinah, can you reason with her?
  • Dinah Lance: [sigh, car door opens: 4 instances, footsteps, pneumatic ramp lowering] I don't know, Hel... I'm with Babs on this.
  • Helena Bertinelli: Gah, whatever... Fine. You don't have to believe me. I'll go get someone that you will listen to. [footsteps, door opens, footsteps]
  • Evelyn Crawford: Strange. I didn't know the Pope lived in Gotham...
  • Zinda Blake: Wouldn't that just be kooky.
  • Dinah Lance: Let's get you in, Ev... We got to get you some care. [clatter] Zinda, want to grab her legs? Babs... You good to-
  • Barbara Gordon: I'll manage it. See to Evelyn first...
  • Dinah Lance: [footsteps: 2 instances, grunt, weak groan, grunts: 2 instances, footsteps: 2 instances] I guess we'll just set her on this couch?
  • Power Girl: [footsteps] Oh hey... Let me help you. I'll take her to the clinic. You two... Just wair right here. [footsteps]
  • Zinda Blake: Fat City in here. Nice place to hang, don't you say?
  • Dinah Lance: Hmm? Oh, yeah, the brownstone... It's nice. Much nicer than the side of Gotham I grew up in. That's for sure... Yet, it's also kinda familiar... for some reason.
  • Zinda Blake: Righto... Well, I'll go grab Babsy. Be right back. [footsteps]
  • Dinah Lance: [door opens, footsteps] Oh, there you are, Hel... So... Any luck finding that magical person who can convince me that-
  • Ted Grant: Hey Dinah. How you doing, kid?
  • Helena Bertinelli: [silence: 4.4 seconds, scoff] Yeah... I think I found just the guy.
  • Dinah Lance: Ted... What are... Ted... You and... Wait, I'm confused.
  • Ted Grant: [chuckle] It sure sounds that way. [footsteps, wheelchair wheels rolling] Oh, look who it is... It's the little Gordon girl I trained so long ago...
  • Zinda Blake: Mmm... My peepers deceiving me or is one fine ol' flutter-bum before me?
  • Barbara Gordon: T... Ted Grant? Oh, wow... Uh, long time, no see... Uh... What are you doing here? Dinah, what's he doing here?
  • Dinah Lance: I... I was just trying to figure that out myself, Babs...
  • Zinda Blake: Someone mind bringing me into orbit?
  • Ted Grant: [chuckle] Hello Zinda...
  • Zinda Blake: You know me?
  • Ted Grant: [chuckle] Never had the honor personally, no... I only know you from what I read and saw on the old newsreels back in the day. I'm an admirer.
  • Zinda Blake: [chuckle] Well slap some butter on me backside and call me a biscuit. If that isn't the sweetest thing I've ever heard...
  • Dinah Lance: And kinda creepy, too, Zee... Ted was like, what? Four at the time? Less?
  • Ted Grant: [chuckle] Actually... I remember celebrating my seventieth birthday around that time... [chuckle] Give or take, that is. Forgive me, it's a blur.
  • Dinah Lance: Wait... What?
  • Helena Bertinelli: Ted ages one year for every nine that pass. He's going to be celebrating his hundredth anniversary of his induction soon enough.
  • Ted Grant: Still two years off, actually, Lena. Please... [chuckle] Don't make me feel any other than I already am.
  • Dinah Lance: Wait, but... I... I always just assumed you looked so good from healthy living and exercise... You're really a ninety eight years old?
  • Ted Grant: No. I was thirty-nine when I joined this organization. I just celebrated my one-hundred and thirty-seventh birthday this last January.
  • Barbara Gordon: You... I got to say it... [chuckle] You don't look it.
  • Ted Grant: I appreciate that... Now... Dianh, Zinda... You may want to take a seat like Babs. What I'm about to tell you is... Well, it's a lot to take in.
  • Helena Bertinelli: Allow me to get the door. [footsteps, door closes]

Trivia and Notes

  • Story continues from ObMod: Outlawed 6.
  • Translation for Zinda's phrases:
    • "Kooky": Strange.
    • "Fat City": An easy and prosperous condition or circumstance.
    • "Peepers": Eyes.
    • "Flutter-Bum": A fine-looking gentleman.
    • "Bringing Into Orbit": Tell somebody what's going on.
  • It's hinted Helena and Karen are already part of the Society.

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