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  • Dinah Lance: It's electrum... The chemical the Court uses to make Talons. I recognize the smell from when I made William Cobb bleed.
  • Helena Bertinelli: And now, I'm going to have to make you bleed. [crossbow armed] You shouldn't have come for me. [crossbow fired, explosion, debris falling]
  • [scoff, footsteps, silence: 37 seconds, debris shifting, gasp, cough, cough, debris shifting footsteps, deep breath, sonic scream, debris moved, gasps: 2 instances, cough, cough, cough, cough, rapid footsteps, groan, debris shifting, groan, pained hiss, groan, staggered footsteps, groan]
  • Evelyn Crawford: I'm killing her, Di.
  • Dinah Lance: No, you're not, Ev.
  • Evelyn Crawford: [scoff] Yeah? She just dropped a church on us!
  • Dinah Lance: She shot some charges she had set-up ahead of time, placing them in locations that would do the least amount of collateral damage.
  • Evelyn Crawford: How do you know that? How could you know that?!
  • Dinah Lance: Because we're alive, Ev. Look... the charges didn't even set off the electrum.
  • Evelyn Crawford: [scoff] Fine! I won't kill her... I'll just stab her... once...
  • Dinah Lance: How are you doing there, Zinda?
  • Zinda Blake: Aside from being as frazzled as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs? I'm just peachy.
  • Dinah Lance: Alright... Well, I say we go after Helena. Oracle, do you copy?
  • Evelyn Crawford: No good. We were already too far underground for the comms to maintain a decent signal and I'm sure the collapse didn't help any.
  • Dinah Lance: Zinda, go up top and give Babs an update. We may need backup.
  • Zinda Blake: Copy that. [rapid footsteps]
  • Dinah Lance: Come on, Ev. Let's go get Hel.
  • Evelyn Crawford: Typically I prefer to give, raise, or go to Hell, but sure... let's get Hel instead.
  • Dinah Lance: Ha. [rapid footsteps: 2 instances]
  • [elapsed time: 49 seconds]
  • Evelyn Crawford: [rapid footsteps: 2 instances] Heavy door ahead. Do we knock or-?
  • Dinah Lance: [rapid footsteps, sonic scream, metallic debris clatter, whack, rapid footsteps stop] Helena!
  • Evelyn Crawford: Huh... She's not here... and there's no other door... Where do you think she vanished to?
  • Dinah Lance: She didn't go anywhere... She's still here. Look out! [rapid footsteps, whack, thud: instances, metal stuff striking ground, feet landing on stone]
  • Helena Bertinelli: [scoff, metal staff twirling] Impressive reflexes for a woman of your age.
  • Dinah Lance: [grumble] Oh, now you've done it, Hel...
  • Evelyn Crawford: Can I kill her now?
  • Helena Bertinelli: [scoff, chuckle] You came here to kill me? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that's not happening today.
  • Dinah Lance: [groan, footsteps] Put the gun down, Ev... We didn't come here to kill you, Helena. We came to rescue you.
  • Helena Bertinelli: I don't need rescuing, but you two might.
  • Dinah Lance: I don't want to fight you.
  • Helena Bertinelli: Then my job just became a lot easier. [rapid footsteps, metal staff twirling, swoosh, whoosh, rapid footsteps, tumbling, whack, clank, whack, pained grunt, whack, pained scream, whack, clank, whack, whack, whack, clank, metal staff twirling, gunshot rubber ricochet]
  • Evelyn Crawford: [scoff] Don't look at me like that! They're rubber bul- [smack, thud]
  • Dinah Lance: [gasp] Ev!
  • Helena Bertinelli: [gasp] Dinah, I didn- [sonic scream, body smacking wall, thud]
  • Dinah Lance: [rapid footsteps] Evelyn... Talk to me... Ev?! Ev?! [voice breaking:] Evelyn?! [prolonged sobbing]
  • [elapsed time: 2 minutes, 19 seconds]
  • Zinda Blake: [rapid footsteps, panting, distant footsteps: multiple instances] Dinah?! We got to go- [feet skidding] Oh, whoa... What the devil?! Is she-?
  • Dinah Lance: [sniff, sleeve wiping nose, sigh] She's alive... but I'm afraid to move her with this neck injury.
  • Zinda Blake: [footsteps, distant footsteps: multiple instances] Well, we got to do something. Reinforcements showed up, I ran back down to warn you, but-
  • Dinah Lance: We'll have to fight our way then. Evelyn can't be moved. She needs a doctor.
  • Helena Bertinelli: [groan] I can help her...
  • Dinah Lance: [clatter, pistol safety click] Don't you move a [expletive] muscle, Helena!
  • Helena Bertinelli: Dinah! No! It's me! It's really me. Dinah! Let me help her! She's my friend, too... I didn't... I didn't mean to hurt her. I was-
  • Dinah Lance: You're lying! Just like before with Dick! Just like you always have been!
  • Zinda Blake: [distant footsteps: multiple instances] Whoa, Dinah... Let's not flip our wig and snap our cap just yet. Remember what them papers said? Give her a shot...
  • Dinah Lance: [sigh, scoff] How can you possibly help her?
  • Helena Bertinelli: I'm reaching into my coat... I'm going to grab a device. It's like a phone... I'm going to call a friend. Okay? Please, don't shoot me... [fabric rustling, clatter] See?
  • Dinah Lance: [scoff] That doesn't look like anything like a phone. It... It looks like a watch.
  • Helena Bertinelli: I said it's like a phone... not that it looks like one. [click] There... It's done. Now we just need to buy her some time. Shouldn't take long, though.
  • Zinda Blake: Horsefeathers! [distant footsteps: multiple instances] Nothing happened.
  • Dinah Lance: No... I can hear it. It's giving off a distinct sonic pulse.
  • Helena Bertinelli: [footsteps] I'd stay close to the walls for now. She should be dropping in any minute. [rapid footsteps: multiple instances]
  • Henchmen: Here men! They're in there! We got them cornered! Open fire!

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