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  • Amanda Waller: [door opens, footsteps] Valentin, Please tell me we have made progress. [door closes, footsteps]
  • Professor Pyg: Pyg... Pyg can only promise so much in... in such short time.
  • Amanda Waller: Fine... Let me see how much you've progressed since we last spoke.
  • Professor Pyg: [snort, papers shuffling, footsteps, papers shuffling] Some data which may shed light on the reason's for Pyg's lack of success converting this one.
  • Amanda Waller: He has developed an immunity to Red Kryptonite? how- How is this possible?
  • Professor Pyg: [snort] That was merely the first test. Pyg ran more. Subject is immune to many of the effects of Kryptonite, of all manner.
  • Amanda Waller: Okay. How?
  • Professor Pyg: Particles in his blood. Microscopic. Similar to Kryptonite, but unlike it just the same.
  • Amanda Waller: Exactly what are these particles?
  • Professor Pyg: Unknown, likely some sort of mineral. Exactly what it is, Pyg can't say... but Pyg has seen this before.
  • Amanda Waller: Where?
  • Professor Pyg: Nygma.
  • Amanda Waller: Riddler showed you these minerals before?
  • Professor Pyg: [snort, chuckle, squeal, footsteps, refrigerator door opens, glass clinking, refrigerator door closes] No. Pyg seen it with Pyg's eyes. Through microscope.
  • Amanda Waller: That vial... Nygma's blood? Before we sent him to the Phantom Zone, you collected his blood. Are you saying he has these same minerals?
  • Professor Pyg: Yes. Nowhere near the concentration of this subject, but still present.
  • Amanda Waller: Surely you have some theories, Valentine... A genius such as yourself-
  • Professor Pyg: [snort, chuckle] Nygma's records indicate he once had cancer. He came to Pyg once, desperate for hope where Pyg could offer none. Now, cancer gone.
  • Amanda Waller: And this subject? What is the connection?
  • Professor Pyg: You and Pyg both know the story... Subject has arisen from the grave itself. These minerals give life. These minerals-
  • Amanda Waller: Come from these fabled Lazarus Pit... Of course... but no! What is the connection to Kryptonite? Why would they counter Kryptonite?
  • Professor Pyg: As Pyg said. Too similar! Subject has developed a tolerance. Subject is not viable for the Red Wash.
  • Amanda Waller: What about the Neuro-Programming?
  • Professor Pyg: Tetch's tech would work... for short periods of time, but even his mind is affected by these particles. Pyg cannot make promises to viability.
  • Amanda Waller: This is disappointing. How about the alien?
  • Professor Pyg: Remains in stasis for now.
  • Amanda Waller: I know that! I meant her scan results. Have you learned anything of her anatomy?
  • Professor Pyg: Much, but little ARGUS had not previously documented... [snort, footsteps, papers shuffling] Well, one thing of interest. [footsteps, papers shuffling]
  • Amanda Waller: What is this? What am I looking at?
  • Professor Pyg: Subject has trace elements of human DNA in her-
  • Amanda Waller: I do not care about her love life. Obviously, she lives on Earth, who else would she fornicate with-
  • Professor Pyg: [squeal, chuckle] Not just fornicate... Procreate. [squeal, chuckle]
  • Amanda Waller: Are you saying she's pregnant?
  • Professor Pyg: Was. Many years ago. The DNA remnants are in her womb and suggest she carried a human hybrid... and gave birth.
  • Amanda Waller: Now that is interesting. Hmm... Well, these are interesting findings, Valentin. Continue with-
  • Owl: [door opens] I heard we lost two assets in Markovia.
  • Amanda Waller: Yes. That is true. The archer and the Amazon. The Amazon was making little progress and the archer had not begun the process as we were uncertain how the neuro-programming would affect the mapping of his cybernetic arm. Neither were especially viable candidates for the process.
  • Owl: [door closes, footsteps] And this one here?
  • Amanda Waller: Careful, sir, don't push that-
  • Jason Todd: [beep, beep, liquids draining, liquid sloshing, whoosh, gasp, choke, thud, gasp, cough] Where- Where am I?
  • Owl: Shh...
  • Amanda Waller: Pyg. Put our subject back to his stasis pod.
  • Owl: No progress seems to have been made on him at all...
  • Amanda Waller: There have been... complication.
  • Owl: Exactly what kind of complications, Amanda?

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